08 September 2007

Let 'r Rip

I've been backing into next week's 50k a bit beat up. No "long" runs in a month. Knee uncooperative. Not as confident as I have been. Thinking maybe I should skip it to concentrate on Portland and JFK. But, with the knee giving me a little glimmer of hope over this past week the ultra-excitement for the 50k has returned. My excitement for this race far exceeds my excitement for the Portland Marathon. So, with only one weekend left to give my legs and knee a little test I decided to do just that.

Sadie and I started out early this morning for a nice little 20.5 mile trip to Moscow, ID and back. I wanted to take my time with these 20 miles -- the more time on my feet the better to prepare me for next week. No sense trying to break a speed record. I ran a lot and threw in several walk breaks. I felt great for about 14 or 15 miles (no knee pain!) and then my legs filled with concrete. I was hoping that my extended rest over the past few weeks didn't erase the conditioning I had built up - but it was pretty clear I'm not where I was at just one month ago. I made it through those last miles okay, though I was pretty much hurting everywhere. Feet, knees, quads, back, earlobes, hair - hurt. But it was a good hurt. (I just wanted to say that - in reality there was nothing good about it. It was a plain hurt, which means it wasn't a good hurt because there is no such thing as good hurt.)

So, next week is going to be an awesome experience. Physically and mentally. I can't wait. I think today's little workout will definitely help me.

Today - 20.5 miles
Yesterday - 2 treadmill

In your face new girl at work!!!

[Photo: Sadie running for the Idaho border. She's so happy my knee is better.]

Keep running! I am.



  1. holy crap! i'm such a weanie. seriously- i didn't even do 10 today. i was thinking of you, though- i realized 50K is like a marathon length (blast my education with the metric system). you're running a 50K like 2 weeks pre-Portland?! first i thought "IS HE CRAZY?!" and then i realized no...scott's just tougher than me. this post just proved it- you are the man.

  2. There is a good hurt. That's why we run...

  3. I was just looking at photos from the 50K you'll be running next week (www.cleelumridge50k.com). It will be a wonderful day no matter what happens. The new territory you are about to enter reminds me of two of my favorite quotes;

    "Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go" -T.S. Eliot

    "None of us will ever accomplish anything excellent or commanding except when he listens to this whisper which is heard by him alone." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

    I know you hear that whisper...

  4. Yeah you tell your nemesis!! (also make sure to get her address so you can mail her boxes of poop. Lisa always appreciates when I do it to her :P)

    Holy mother Scott!!! You've done a crazy turnaround from the past couple weeks. And that's always a GREAT thing ;D

    Bring on the 50 miler!!!!

  5. Good job on the 20.5! And I know whatcha mean by your hair hurting -- my hairs have ached after a run as well.

  6. No, no, no, I am not your nemesis Marcy is. It's bad enough with her, once she even mailed me a dead cat. Of course there was a gift card in there but that is just how she gets over her guilt.

    SWEET! Glad you are back at it!

  7. WOW! that's awesome! i haven't been outside for 3 days and now i'm feeling all icky. i wanna go out and RUN!! that's fantastic that you completed a 20.5 miler! as always, you inspire me!

  8. I might have to agree with Man on the run... there is a good hurt. If we don't push ourselves, we will never know what we are capable of accomplishing.

    20 miles today, huh? Nice job Scott!

    Keep running! :)

  9. Nice one! Good idea to get out there and build your confidence. It'll hurt next weekend, there's no doubt about that, but it will be fun in a warped and hurting kind of way. Once again, look for Eric - he'll be there!

  10. Haha totally booo-ya to the girl at work!

    Good luck on the 50K next week...sounds like you will rock it!

  11. Holy crap, your dog can run 20 miles?? Great training partner.

    Congrats. Sounds like you're back!!

    Yeehaw. Look out Cle Elum.

  12. Oooh. Big decision! Good luck, Scott! I know you want this, and I hope it works out well for you. Kudos to Sadie for being such a wonderful running partner...

  13. I am thrilled that you are going to do the 50k. It will be great and you will learn so much from it. Use it as a training run leading you to the 50 mile event.

    Progress is what you are making and Sadie loves you for getting back out there.

    Be smart this week and be good to your body.

    Remember... you just say the word and I can make that girl wish she never opened her mouth. LOL!!!!

  14. Thanks for the comment on my blog. It was the first week in several weeks that I felt like the old Robin. I LOVED IT!!!

  15. I know exactly what a "good hurt" is over the bad hurt you have been going through the last few weeks. Great job! Sounds like you are ready to give it a go. A little lost fitness to get your knee back on track is a worthy price to pay I think.

  16. Pain...I say 'bring it on!' That's really good news, the long run will really help this weekend. See you there, I'm taking the early start.

  17. you are kicking some butt!! awesome

  18. Good luck at Cle Elum this weekend. I look forward to meeting up at Portland. Maybe we can arrange a dinner the night before with other bloggers.