20 April 2007

Images from Moscow Mt.

These photos were taken on our hike last Sunday up Moscow Mt. They're meant to give you a reference for the dogs and some of my favorite trails and views.

Sadie is the Border Collie trying to lick my face and Shasta is the Pomeranian trying to figure out how the heck she got on top of the rock. This photo was taken last Sunday on our hike up Moscow Mt.


  1. Great photos - just one of the many reasons I live in this part of the country. No matter where you go within a few miles, the environment is fantastic. We are truly blessed to have the opportunity to enjoy this northwest area.

    For the Portland marathon, and to use a merry-go-round metaphor - Go for the Gold Ring! Running is very exhilarating, as I remember in my younger years. I would always get a great feeling of freedom while running through the trails and byways of the Idaho.

  2. I love the pics!