20 April 2007

Retro Post from other Blog - texas boy meet idaho moose

(this was originally posted on my other blog wordingwhy.blogspot.com before i started this blog)

i was running one of my favorite trails on moscow mountain yesterday when what to my wondering eyes did appear, but a big moose cow - with luckily no calf near. i said my hellos and she blinked back. i said "move on" and she looked at me like "are you telling me what to do? oh no you di'nt." finally she trudged off the trail far enough to make me comfortable to pass. this particular trail is a loop - and my run was feeling good (see the last post about my new shoes) so i decided to do the loop twice. sure enough, i saw her again on the second loop just chillin' next to a tree on the other side of a clearing. word up.

this is not my photo - but it is the closest i could find online to what it looked like yesterday on the moscow mountain trail.


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