25 April 2007

Grocery Run

-from RW's "101 Kicks in the Butt"

"Run an errand -- literally. Run to get cash at the ATM, buy that lottery ticket for the mega-million-dollar prize, or return the DVD to the rental store."


#75 is Jeanie's favorite by far. Do the dishes - RUN! Take the trash out - RUN! I tell her there is a difference between chores and errands. She tells me to prove it - without a dictionary. Uhhh.... So, the dishes are getting done much faster now even though I'm just running in place.

For reals, though. I ran to get groceries, kind of. Jeanie and Shasta drove ahead to do the grocery shopping and Sadie and I followed. My run was finishing up just as she was finishing at the grocery store. Ba da bing. Nice run and a ride home. (We do our grocery shopping in Moscow, ID.)

Home to grocery store - 9.5 miles.

And we got some chocolate chip cookies. For reals.

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  1. ha ha---i have to side with jeanie. i see no difference. :) i wondered where you were shopping when i saw 9.5 miles!!! i'm thinking i may make a run to the farmer's market when my mileage gets up there- but i'm not running back until closer to the half. if you run from the beginning of the chipman trail to the welcome to moscow sign, it's roughly 13 miles. yep- i made sure i didn't go one step beyond that sign.