21 April 2007

Return to Moscow Mt.

Three weeks ago I went on a 3hr run/hike on Moscow Mt. and ended up with a bum knee. So, I've basically taken these past three weeks off from running (with short runs here and there) to give the knee a rest. It's been feeling much better so I decided to make my much anticipated return to the mountain this afternoon. I took it easy, though, and kept it to my favorite 5-mile loop (view a map of Headwaters trail with Google Earth or Google Maps). Sadie was glad to be back also. Shasta doesn't enjoy runs longer than 3 or 4 miles - though she can hike with us to the edge of the world (unless we're more than 10 miles away from the edge).

1 comment:

  1. Was this run before or after you discovered beer at Sella's?