22 April 2007

Pullman "Rain"

From RW's 101 Kicks in the Butt:

"Run through a spring storm. With rain hitting you sideways and the wind whipping your face, you'll feel alive. Just make sure you have a dry pair of shoes for tomorrow."


Being from Houston, we always laugh (behind their backs) at what people call rain in Pullman. The hardest it has rained in Pullman since we've lived here (over 3 years now!) is like a Wednesday afternoon drizzle in Houston. (Note: we aren't laughing during the winter)

But today it was "raining" in Pullman, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to try out #31. I liked it - like running with my own sideline misting fan you see at NFL games. Sweet.

*6.5 - 7 mile loop from my front door.


  1. #31 is calling out for Westside weather. (ahem) Back in my day, you could tell a rain from a drizzle by how soggy your underwear was. While I may not think of Texas as being rainy compared to Seattle, the state pride associated with weather is a common point of contention. Hell, the debate comes up more often than a narcoleptic's screen saver. (zing!)

    Good blog and nice work.

  2. can't say i'm a rain runner... something about it makes me cranky.
    where is your loop? is it less or more hilly than hilly? i haven't found a nice long loop without a major hill involved yet.

  3. it's from behind dissmores up stadium way then down grimes to the bear play pen and then airport (i think it's airport) to chipman trail and then back downtown and home. a bit of a hill up stadium. clear as mud - i hope.

  4. holy hills. that sounds similar to a 5-ish mile loop from the library area up to Safeway, down around towards WSU and then back to the library (it's 7 if you run from where we live and back, but that's a monster hill...)