15 February 2011

Running off the excitement

I'm off to Chile in two weeks.  I have a few final things to do before all my gear will be ready to go.  I have a quiet excitement.  

I've been pretty busy with the final details of the trip.  And Boston is right on the heels of Chile, so I've been pretty busy making all those arrangements too.  

I hope to have a detailed pre-Chile blog sometime next week.  

In the meantime, some photos:

Above Rock Lake


Beautiful trail running weather

New Brooks Cascadia 6 = AWESOME

Keep running!



  1. I'm happy for you. Good pics as always.

  2. Wow 2 weeks!...Good Luck in Chile!!

  3. very exciting!! will you be tweeting updates along the way?! lol

    hey, what's your weekly mileage like in prep for something like this? I can't imagine how to train for it...

    also, is your fundraising progress up-to-date? (It says Jan 27)

  4. Can’t believe it’s only two weeks…very exciting! Thos are really beautiful photos. Good luck with all the preparations!

  5. @Holly - I'll be sending out updates somehow. Not sure exactly how I'm going to do it yet though. I'll try to figure that out by my next post. :)

    I average about 60 miles per week. My high week has been 83 miles.

    And yes, my fundraising is up-to-date. Jan 27 was the last day I had any activity.

  6. I'm going to send you $35 just because the anal side of me hates that you're sitting JUST under $2000! lol

    (Also the CDN/USD exchange rate is pretty good right now! :)

  7. Hey dude, figgin awesome, I feel for Sadie, but she will still LOVE you when you come back!
    Great adventure, I bet we wish we could all come on your trip!
    Keep us informed on how it goes and good luck, Enjoy :]

  8. I just love your pictures of Sadie...you have such a devoted running partner.

  9. Great pics Scott....., and even greater accomplishments. Have fun in Chile!!!