31 January 2011

Warm Snow

The temperature has reached at least 40 F during 15 of the last 18 days, and five of those days it reached 50 F.  

This is warm for a January on the Palouse.  But, more importantly, this means melting snow....which is bad for skiers/snowboarders, but great for trail runners.  And what about someone who is a snowboarding trail-runner, like me?  Eh, skiing/snowboarding has become so dang expensive that it's been two winters since I've longed for a powder day.  (Then maybe I should stop calling myself a snowboarder...)

Sadie and I took advantage of some unusually snowless January trails.

Wet and muddy at lower elevations
(this section is usually snow-covered all winter)

Sadie waiting for me at the top of a climb

On the climb

Snowing 1,500 ft above trailhead

There is still quite a bit of snow at higher elevations

Sadie was light enough to run across these sections of packed
snow, but I would sink through nearly every step.
Not much running (for me) this high on the trails.

Gotta love training for a scorching hot, bone dry, mile(+)-high desert race in wet snow.  :)

Keep running!



  1. your weather does make for tough race prep doesn't it? Looks like some great trail running weather until you went to high.

  2. haha, I love the one of her waiting for you... she looks like she's taking a nap (are you that slow?! lol).

  3. @Holly - She gets annoyed by how slow I am sometimes. When she's feeling real dramatic she'll act like she's napping. She knows how to push my buttons. :)

  4. lol mine doesn't do that, but once we were on a really long, tough hike, and there was one point where I called him back to me for a snack, and he looked at me as if to say, "you really think I'm going to backtrack?" and laid down on the trail where he was! It was hilarious.

  5. My Tess often wants to outsprint me to the top of each sandhill on our routes.
    Sometimes she will turn round and charge me, trying to nock me back down, if she thinks I'm being too slow!

  6. We had a amazing weather weekend this past weekend. Now that is gone adn the rain and cold has set back in.... it could be worse so I will stop complaining.

    30 days to go Scott!!!

  7. that's awesome, but again... about this brewery job...

  8. @Wes -- Unfortunately, I don't actually work for them. I'm just there all the time. :)

  9. Is she waiting for you? What a great runner is Sadie!
    A secret: I prefer my clean roads and this shining sun. Maybe I am getting older....

  10. a little tough to run when your calf high in snow.

  11. Your pics made me miss the VT mountains and snow covered trails. Cool dog.

  12. Looking forward to running in a bit more sun. Spring will be here before we know it.