19 August 2007

(Not So) Off Day

Well, when it came down to it, I simply could not take today off (see yesterday's post). The urge to get out on the trail was unstoppable. An unstoppable, aching kind of urge. Yes, aching. I fought the urge for awhile (from 6:30am until 8:30am) - jab, jab, jab, uppercut - but it fought back even harder - jab, jab, jab, dropkick to the cranium. Game over.

Head to the trails.

The original plan was to visit Spokane's Riverside State Park and put in 22-25 miles on their extensive non-pavement trail system. But with the bum knee I knew this wouldn't be a smart thing to attempt. However, I decided that I would still go to Riverside State Park but would plan on mostly hiking with a little running here and there. There is no pain or discomfort in the knee when I'm walking/hiking. Time on my feet - that's what I was shooting for today.

Temps in the 50's and rain. Perfect. Sadie and I hiked (with bursts of running plopped in) for about 10 miles. The knee felt completely fine hiking and mostly fine running, though at about 7 miles the pain was present on a couple short runs (1-2 minutes) so I just hiked the rest of the way.

I'm satisfied with these 10 miles. I don't feel I aggravated the knee anymore. Yes, it does need some rest and I'm going to give it some rest, I just needed to delay that rest another day or else I would have gone crazy spending a Sunday with no trails. :) The latest plan is to take at least Mon-Wed completely off, but probably Mon-Fri. Give it some good rest then see how it feels next weekend.

Enjoy some photos from rainy Riverside State Park. This was my first time to explore their trails and I liked them enough that I'll definitely go back. They have a 25 mile trail that goes around the park - something I'll have to explore even further.

Spokane River

Sadie rinsing off rain

Trail above Spokane River

You can see where her neck was
shaved for her two surgeries

Off-season for rapids

Sadie wondering how to get
on top of that rock in the river

Rock formations


  1. I remember Riverside from back when we lived in Spokane. We weren't runners then (1982-84). I'd love to go back and run there now. Maybe one of these days...

  2. I had a feeling you weren't going go a few days of non-running. Glad it went well.

  3. I know that urge! It controls us! Atleast you played it safe and listened to your body! BEAUTIFUL PICS!

  4. Not all was lost! You got in a great hike and Saddie probably needed the slow induction back into excercise :p

    Those look pretty secluded running, do you carry a bear banger or mace?

    I wanted to give you alink to the train derailment I was referring to in my last post...it was literal :O

    Take a look...it was pretty amazing to watch(we went down to a park farther along the river to watch with the kiddos).


  5. beautiful photos! i begin to realize that resting is not as easy as i though. i haven't run for a few days now and i feel all icky. my legs are dull...

    what a beautiful creature sadie is, by the way. she's a real camper if she loves the northwest water! it can get pretty cold... it rained on us while camping on my end, too!

  6. Man oh man those are gorgeous pics! I should take you some pics of where I run..it's brown, brown oh and brown. :>p

    I had the urge tonight as well. Glad you got out and had some time with Sadie!

  7. The knee discomfort you talk of sounds so familiar to me that it is like I'm reading my own posts. I tried resting it to get over it and it never really helped. With the help of a great coach here in Phoenix, I found out that my problem wasn't the knee at all, but the imbalances of the muscles in my legs. So for a month I spent more time in the gym doing a series of workouts to strengthen the weak opposing muscles. The result: for the last 6 months I have had no knee pain when I run and (even better) I'm running much faster with less effort.

    I don't know what or how much cross training/strength training you are doing, but I'm a big believer in it...it saved my running for sure. Check out my posts from Nov06-Apr07 to see the progression.

    Good luck!

  8. Looks like you had a great day! Love the pictures of the rock formations. Take care of that knee so you can hit the trails running real soon!


  9. Absolutely gorgeous pictures. You can tell Sadie is having the time of her life. I'm very glad she is back on the healthy list. And you...rest that knee! :-) I am amazed at your mileage.

  10. I hear you homeslice. I don't want to rest either, and it will probably be a miracle if I make the whole week :-X What is wrong with me, who WANTS to run? :P

    I'm glad you got to get out though ;D Looks BEAUTIFUL!! ;D ;D

  11. It looks beautiful; no wonder it was such a draw!

  12. That is just gorgeous! You better take it easy on that knee for a while though.

  13. Thank you so much for these pictures of my motherland: my mother river. I'm glad you decided to run. Hope your knee is alright.

  14. I love the photos. I would have run there on a bad knee, too. Sadie is looking great!!

  15. Don't you just love how the trails caal your name? With temps and weather conditions like that it would be hard to have passed that run up.

    Time on your feet is what training for Ultra's is ALL about. Running on tired legs becomes key later in the race. You are already ahead of the game!!!

  16. Nice pics! I think a 10 mile hike with some running interspursed is a good compromise.

  17. how did i know you'd try to run at least something?! i'm glad it didn't bug your knee too much!

    so happy to see sadie out there again- i bet she's in HEAVEN!

  18. Temps in the 50's? It is August! That seems so crazy! But then again you are in Washington....

    Don't know much about knee injuries but sounds like you are doing the right thing.

    Happy Resting!

  19. Love the pictures!

    And glad your knee seemed to hold up during the hike/run. Needing to be outside moving is one hell of an urge to try to surpress.

  20. Aww, the wonderful scenery of Ol' Washington. So you lost the fight. Not much of an Ulimate Cage Fighter eh? I know them type of battles. I am fighting one with the left foot hurting, I want to run and it is kicking my butt not to. I had serious thoughts of defying the pain and the better judgement today and taking of for four easy ones today. Had I had the scenery you had I may just have.

  21. I can totally understand your having to get out there. The pix are really nice. I think your hike/run was a great compromise. Now be kind to the knee this week.

  22. Beautiful pics. I am so happy for Sadie, she looks in perfect shape ready for new runs with you.

  23. "The urge to get out on the trail was unstoppable. An unstoppable, aching kind of urge. Yes, aching. I fought the urge for awhile"

    you are funny. great pics, I can see why you wanted to get out, although I would like to get bitten that hard by the running bug! :)

  24. Hope the rest this week has gone okay and you haven't gone too crazy. A good rest and maybe some cross training like Chad was suggesting should see it right. Sadie's looking good.