04 January 2011

Winter Miles Part 2

Ran 20 miles around this 1/2-mile city park path.
Those are all my footsteps, minus a few from a lady that walked by.
Not many others were out that morning when it was 5 F (-15 C).

Another view of the path. All the tracks in the snow
off the path are Sadie's after dozens of laps.
A squirrel taunted her for at least 15 laps.

These blue skies made the previous
day's blizzard easier to forget.

The beautiful side of a bitter cold.

Happy New Year!

Keep running!



  1. so pretty!! i just organized the second annual new years eve marathon around a one mile loop park in our area. this year the path was all ice and snow and it was rough running but everyone had so much fun!

  2. I'm a Texan, so I've never really gotten the chance to run through scenery such as this-looks inspiring and challenging, however! Keep Running Happy:)


  3. @Adrienne -- I grew up in The Woodlands/Oak Ridge area (ORHS) and have been up here since '04. Winter running has definitely taken some getting used to. :)

  4. Wow 40 laps, that's dedication!
    Yeah like the photos\;]

  5. 5 degrees? and the squirrel was out? Both of y'all are nuts! :-) But it is pretty!!

  6. Those trees are beautiful! Why does it have to be so cold to have such beauty like that?!?

  7. really pretty, but brrrrrr!

  8. -15° c is not the better temperature to run .... but you do it.
    Beautiful pictures.

  9. hey scott. read the bio in WSUToday and and was intrigued that you have a running group in Pullman. Ive been trying to find a local one aside from Palouse Road Runners. Do you guys still meet?

  10. @Genesis -- Yep, we meet every Wed. at 5:30 pm at Palouse Falls Brewing Co. We're also doing an event this Saturday.