26 April 2009

Sun and Trails

My legs are recovering well. After the pain and ache subsided from my race (there were lots of pains and aches) it started to hit me that I ran a 100k. I'm pretty excited about that. With goals of 100+ mile races in the future I've had a tendency to look at the 100k as a step toward another goal. But this week I've been able to reflect on the fact that a 100k is a big deal too.

I've gone through several personally tough months recently and it's difficult to express how grateful I am to have running. Running reminds me I'm alive.

In other big news, recent warm weather has melted the snow off the lower elevation trails! Sadie and I are very happy. Saturday, we went out for an easy run with the wonderful smells of spring.

Sadie's about the happiest thing in
this world when she's on a trail.

It doesn't get much better than
having dirt underneath my feet.

South Africa is only a few weeks away and I'm getting pretty excited about that. So excited, to be honest, that I try not to think about it.

I'll keep running in the meantime.



  1. I always feel happy when my dog Tess runs by my side with a big smile on her face as she bounds along!
    Running in the fresh air on a scenic route with a faithful friend, One of the great simple joys of life!
    Keep on running the trails!

  2. South Africa sounds really exciting. Good luck!

    I love the trail pictures as always.

  3. I agree. Life is good. Running helps...

  4. I have to agree - 100K is a big deal! South Africa will be amazing - can't wait to read all about it. Keep running Scott!

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  6. scott! way to go on the 100k. i'm so behind in blog reading...
    south africa!!!! take a ton of pictures and enjoy the run. the mc-clan is so jealous!!!

  7. You should be using the excitement of South Africa to energize your runs! Pay now or pay latter! That's why you hammered out that 100K and why you will take advantage of every opportunity to run hard before heading to Africa.

    Can't wait to see your pictures and read your memories of the experience!

  8. Scott,
    Another liquid suggestion: V8! I tried it in the marathon on Sunday, and Eric had it in the drop bag at the 50 mile. It's nice because it's not sweet but has a big vitamin boost. Seems a little strange, but we both liked it.