06 May 2009

Riverside State Park - Spokane

Beautiful park with some beautiful trails. Sadie's been nursing a sore leg so I had to leave her home for this trip. When she saw me putting on my running shoes and putting together my gear she tried her hardest to hide the limp and prove that she was okay for a long Saturday outing. It almost worked. It's lonely on the trails without her.

My plan was to run trail #25 - a 25-mile loop through the park. It was well marked near the trailhead but after a few miles the markings either disappeared or I was running so fast that I missed them. I ended up running for a couple hours lost. Not too lost, the river was always just over the way, but lost enough on the network of unmarked trails to make it fun.

I bought a map of the park and will attempt the loop another time. The map suggests that trail #25 exists in its entirety.

Photos from my wanderings:

From a bridge at the trailhead.
A good day for running or rafting.

Sadie would have loved it.

Minimal climbing - maximum scenery.

Above the Spokane River.

Views from a lost trail.

Example of the trail markings.

Pick a direction and go where it leads.

Keep running. And get well, Sadie!



  1. when in doubt, always turn back :-)

  2. Get well Sadie!

    That does look like a beautiful trail to get lost on.

  3. There is nothing as good as being lost in the woods. Good luck in South Africa!!

  4. Okay, I would have been scared shitless if I were lost up there... :)

  5. Hmmmm... maybe Sadie needs new shoes. Or, to use a white foam roller after her runs... or orthotics....has she been stretching?

    I love that park. I'm gonna run there some day too!

  6. All the best wishes to Sadie.

  7. Here's hoping Sadie is back up and running soon.

  8. Make sure Sadie does her stretching exercises and core training!!!
    Awesome trail, If I got lost in those woods they would have to send 'international rescue' to find me!