05 April 2009

Running Photos

Hopefully the photos I take give you a glimpse into the beauty I see in and from running. The photos below are from my last two long runs. Last week, I ran the first 30 miles of the WSU 100k course. Yesterday, Sadie and I ran 40 miles along a new path that leads to Troy, ID.

And I saw something yesterday that I've never seen before: Sadie tired. It was something to behold. She didn't even want to have anything to do with the meat-flavored bone treat I give her after our long runs. But, of course, this morning she's up and ready for more, though. :)

Along the route in the early morning

Starting to see some green!

Fellow runners

Snake River near mile 30

From yesterday's run

Beautiful country

The trail climbed gradually for 20 miles
and the last couple miles were a
reminder that winter is still here

Keep running!


  1. Dooood! Give my concrete jungles, skyscrapers, and obnoxious fumes any day!! Why am I muttering, "Soylent Green"? :-)

  2. So Sadie is human after all...

    Great photos! And, great training runs. It looks like you are about ready for your 100K. Good job.

  3. Those are beautiful pictures Scott, thanks for sharing them!

  4. I love your photos. Give Sadie a pat from me!

  5. i miss the Snake River!

  6. Wow those are amazing pictures! I can't believe Sadie got tired either!

  7. Beautiful! It looks like spring is on the way for you.

  8. Where's the traffic? Looks like you do practically have the whole road to yourself with no car passing. Wow - I would die for that! To be able to run on the road with no cars. You can zigzag down the road and no one is watching. How cool is that?

  9. I love the Palouse, even when winter goes on and on and on. Great blog, I look forward to following. Oh and good luck at the 100k that is amazing, I can't even imagine contemplating it!

  10. cool photo's, cool running, maybe Sadie needs some energy gel!!!

  11. Great photos! 40 mile training run? You're killin me.