30 May 2008

A Run with a Dog - and other exciting news

Exciting news, Part I

Sadie has returned at full throttle. She's running me into the ground and I need to take a day off (maybe today).

"Exciting" news, Part II

Iceland Rocked by Earthquake

Hmmm, this isn't the kind of excitement that I was hoping when preparing for my Iceland trip. Although, I must admit that it would make for an awesome story if there was an earthquake during the race. "I ran an ultramarathon through an earthquake and even survived the resulting projectile spewing of boiling mud." That might be hard to top.

"Exciting" news, Part II

Shasta got a summer buzz ---
(before - hairy, but hairy)

(after - ventilated, but homely)

Okay, you talked me into it. I'll go for a run tonight.

Searching for my inner Energizer Bunny!



  1. She's not homely, she's quite cute! It's kinda like she's running incognito...

  2. Glad to hear Sadie is off the injured list.

  3. Shasta looks adorable!!!

  4. LOL I thought you got a puppy before I read the captions. Shasta looks cute!

  5. I love the video of Sadie!! I've never seen a dog so happy about snow.
    My own dog has a phobia of snow and ice. Well, my dog also has a phobia of kitchen floors, loud noises, and summer flies--so I guess it's all part of his anxiety disorder.

    Shasta is an absolute cutie!

  6. Shasta looks like she dropped a number of pounds with that buzz! I bet she loves the cool feel with the approach of summer. My dog is losing his under coat now and begs to be brushed every night so he can cool down.