31 May 2008

I Keep Posting

Two posts in two days? This must be some kind of record for me. I'm out of control.

My legs are feeling good. Sadie and I hit the trails for 20 miles this morning. That puts me over 50 for the week. I could add to it tomorrow but right now I'm thinking it would be a good day to take off. I'll see how Sadie feels in the morning. (She just barked that she's fine and that she could go running now...but I think she's just showing off because she really looks as tired as I am.) Okay, so I just made a deal with Sadie about tomorrow: If she's limping more than I am in the morning then we'll stay home. If I'm limping more then I assume that means I'm a wuss so I'll suck it up and go for a run.

I don't want to jinx myself and say that my knee is 100%, so...I'll just say that right now my knee is performing at an A level. Maybe even an A+. No, I may be pushing my luck by saying that much, so...I'll just say that my knee is still attached to my body and it moves in all the proper ways a knee is supposed to move. I can even do the knee glide. In fact, I was doing the knee glide when Jeanie and I first met. She asked me to marry her that same night. Yes, it's that awesome. Just in case you missed the link from four sentences ago, here it is again: the knee glide.

No decision yet about the Lake Youngs Ultra in a couple weeks. The only thing holding me back is the length of the drive. It would be a 4-5 hour trip (one way). I hate that gas prices force me to make travel decisions like this. I wouldn't have thought twice about it before. Phooey.

Well, here are some photos from today's run. We ventured to the north side of Moscow Mt. for the first time this year. Even two weeks ago there was still a couple feet of snow that made
it non-runnable. There are some great trails on that side and we've been looking forward to running it. There's still some snow left but it's almost 100% gone. Enjoy.

Sadie smiling and happy. This was around mile 5
when we both still had some energy.

Sadie on the trail.

Close-up of Sadie. Deep in thought.

This part of the trail looked like a stream.
Cool snow bridge.

On a warm day like today, Sadie loved these little patches of snow:

Keep running, and practicing your knee glide!



  1. Are you sure there wasn't something stinky on that snow? I can't hang around to comment any more, I've got to go try out the knee glide!

  2. Yes... Sadie is one smart dog. Don't pretend you did not teach her to do that.

    Must see video os this knee glide. Seriously!!!

    Yahhooo on your pain-free 20 miler. That is fantastic!!

  3. Good job on the runs! What kind of temperatures are u seeing right now?

  4. Nice job on the run... the video clip of Sadie was too cute!

  5. Two posts in two days. I am overwhelmed :-) I'm glad Sadie is getting back to 100% You guys heal up together and get ready for that awesome earthquaky ultra!!!

  6. You are completely out of control with the posting. I leave for a week and you start in. I know you are mocking me. :D

    I swear Sadie nodded when you asked if she was tired. That was adorable. Glad she is doing so well. And you too.

  7. I know what you mean about the gas prices. I've cut out so many weekend trips because I don't want to pay the extra money for the gas. Boo hiss.

    Glad your knee is moving in all the right directions!

  8. Hey Scott! My brother-in-law Scott (http://www.scott-turco.blogspot.com/) told me I should check you out. I'm a dog person myself, and he's a runner, and we joked that your blog is a culmination of his and mine. Your pup Sadie may just be the happiest dog in the whole world. Love your site!

  9. Scott,

    It's too bad Sadie can't operate the camera so she could have gotten you rolling around in the snow patch too! I'm sure that's where she learned it.

    Hopefully Michelle's not right and some missing hiker isn't frozen under the snowy patch of ice!

    Yeah, I blew out my knee doing the Knee Glide in the 80's. I got down but didn't get up again. Glad to hear that your knee is holding up.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Funny! Gotta love the knee glide. 20 mile runs! Someday. In my dreams.