22 March 2008

Return to the Wheat

These are the views I can get when my knee feels good enough to carry me outside of town:

There's some amazing running to be done on the roads through these rolling wheat fields.
Moscow Mountain (ID) is in the background. That's where I was last weekend with all the snow.

Sadie pondering what life would be like without running.
The fields have thawed and the up-and-down dirt roads can be slick and muddy.

Is it spring yet?
Temperatures are still very cool, but this wheat seems to be as impatient
and excited for spring to come as I am.

8.5 wheat field miles this morning. It's nice to be back.

Keep running!



  1. Helllllo-o-o-o??? Its looks like you are the only soul on this planet. I don't see anyone out there. It must be incredibly awesome just to feel like you are the only one out there. Bet you can hear the echo of your voice out there!

  2. Wow! Certainly is big sky country. You can definitely get peace and quiet running out there. I would sure miss it, too.

  3. Looks very peaceful. Are there other humans in the vicinity? Or did you annihilate them in your takeover?

  4. nice photos! it will be july before it gets warm, eh?

  5. Now, see, my dog would have been run over if he stood in the middle of the street :) but looks like another car much less spring won't be along for a few months!
    By the way, so true about Miller Time. Some of my friends actually put liquor in their water bottles to run and celebrate St. Pattie's at the same time!

  6. It looks just like where I run in the DC area except for the lack of trees, people, cars, buildings, monuments and a great metro system...


  7. Yup, its gonna be beautimous soon :-)

  8. For someone who is not running right now your pictures are making me sad. Just when I thought I was fine not running for a few more days I read your post.... now I am sad again.

    Thanks a lot SCOTT!!! Meanie!

    With views like that who would want to miss out on them?!! I am jealous!!

  9. Are those really weeds and wheat just sounded cooler?

  10. Nice to have you back!!! 8.5 miles rocks!

  11. Dang, just look at all that wide open space. Looks like you and Sadie could run forever.

    Cool that you got in 8.5.

  12. Geesh you made Robin so sad! Meanie!

    Very peaceful pictures!