04 January 2008

My Knee and the Semi-Frowny Emoticon

I hear a low hum in the back of my head. I think it's my body trying to say something to me. "Take it easy!" I will not be running the Rocky Raccoon 100 in four weeks. There's no way. In the weeks since the JFK 50 I have done lot's of resting and very little running. When I do run I can't go more than five miles without a nagging pain. My longest outing since the 50 was the 8th on the 8th - and you all saw how long that took me. I'll still be making the trip to the Rocky Raccoon to support my dad in his 50 mile attempt.

This is the same pain I had in my other knee this summer. I'm pretty sure it's just fatigue - aka Runner's Knee. This summer I was able to rest for a couple weeks and then I was back to normal. My holiday resting hasn't done the same trick, though. I took last week off completely. Icing, massaging, stretching, ibuprofen. But no running for seven days. I went out on New Year's Day eager to see if the fatigue and inflammation had passed, but it hadn't. Same results - felt good for 3+ miles and then all of a sudden the pain.

I've made the decision, though, that since this is now the seventh consecutive week that I've been unable to get any solid running in I should go see a doctor just in case. I'm crossing my fingers that it will be a quick visit with a pat on the back and a "just take a couple more weeks off and then you'll be right as rain." I did have arthroscopic surgery on this knee about some cartilage when I was in high school some fifteen years ago. I wouldn't think this has anything to do with the current pain. I tried to get in with a sports medicine guy that a few people recommended...but I needed to get a referral from a general practitioner first. And since I don't have a doctor (I haven't needed one since we moved to Washington four years ago) I had to find an in-network guy who was networked to sports medicine guy that works at a facility networked together with networking tape. And even the networking tape will cost me. Geez. If we aren't beat down enough already...

Though it's a bit frustrating that I haven't been able to run consistently of late, I understand that maybe an extended rest might be the best thing for me at this point.

Keep (thinking about) Running!



  1. I've been thinking about you! (And no not in THAT way. But yes I'm totally aware that the rest of the female population IS thinking in THAT way :P) I was wondering what you've been up too. Dude, sounds like a total bummer. I hope you get some kind of answers/help. We want you back!

  2. I hope you're right and it needs nothing more than another week or so of rest and then you'll be good to go!

  3. What's right about rain?

    Sounds like your getting your workout in following the trail of red tape! Hope it all comes out well.

  4. Here's toasting this glass of egg nog to a positive outcome on the knee.


  5. Hoping for the best for your knee!!

  6. Dern it all. You gotta love the insurance referral mess. Hope you are able to find out what's up with the knee and then be back running in no time.

  7. I think you're definitely entitled to a rest at this point. You got a whole 2008 season ahead of you. We want to see you healthy and out on those trails. Good luck with the knee.

  8. Yikes.. now that sucks!! Don't get me started on the insurance stuff!

    Here is to wishing you a speedy recovery. We have all been there at some time or another. Hang in there!!!

    Smart decision on the race call. You have all of 2008 to crush the trails my friend.

  9. Hmmm, haven't "needed" a doctor in 4 years? All my running friends seem to make it their mission to avoid doctors. Would a check up be so bad?? :D

    I hope you find a networky running kind of doctor that can give you some answers. Take it easy.

  10. I hope the knee gets better. There's nothing more frustrating...

    rest up!

  11. it soundslike you have a knee cap tracking problem.this is caused by havin a muscle imbalance,it is easy cured,you need to do leg extension exercises on a weights machine.sitting on the machine straighten out your legs and lock out for a couple of seconds then slowly go back to the bent knee position,repeat 20 x with a light weight,build up to 3 sets and use more weight when you can. i also recommend doing the leg curl exercise at the same time,this will give you all round muscle balance.
    but try to get to see a sports doctor if you can.
    hope you can get back to pain free running soon.
    regards the lizard

  12. I agree with Liz. You should check into the imbalance thing. I've heard that quite a few times myself. You had a great year Scott! Maybe rest on your laurels (no, not Laurel), and have an easy off season. Nothing over 3 miles for a while :-)

  13. Man, seems like everyone is hurting lately. I hope you can get all the insurance crud figured out and find a doc who can help. Hopefully it is something easy to cure.

  14. Definitely see a doctor and let us know how it goes! Smart decision to not run the 100 -- we wouldn't want someone to stumble over your injured body alongside the trail.

  15. I so understand your frustration and I'm so sorry to hear about your knee.
    I hate when you have a goal to run a certain distance and then your body betrays you by not even going half that. But I would say, my whole "I'm just going to keep running and hope it get's better" feeling was what got me a stress fracture. So definatley see your doctor. Physical Therapy really does help. I hope they can do something for your knee at PT.

    Also, thanks for the note about my dog. It scared me so much when he wouldn't get out of the road. It's hard where I live to avoid major roads as it's a city and I don't always have time to drive out to the parks. He's never done something crazy like that-stubborn dog. He just hates running on ice. What's wrong with him:). Glad your dog escaped his road encounter.

  16. Liz is smoking crack! You just need to incorporate some WSU therapy to your knee. By that I mean drink booze until you drop. Repeat as neccesary. If you need further instruction just grab any student around campus and they will be able to fill in the blanks.

    Sorry to hear about the knee pain. I'm going through a little bout of pain myself on my right knee. I've had the same issue before and it seems to clear up with just a couple of days of rest. Nothing as long term as your issue I hope.

    As others have said, plenty of races ahead in your lifetime. You need to get healthy to run them all.

    Happy New Year!

    PS: Consult your physician before starting any suggested blog cures for sore knees.