02 December 2007

another season closer to summer

My left knee needs a bit more rest. Snow is coming down regularly. Mountain trails likely won't be runnable until spring - snowshoes or x-country skis only. Sadie loves to eat snow and catch big snowflakes. Tuesdays are still my favorite day of the week.

Sadie and I went up to Moscow Mt. to see if the trails were runnable. A lot of my favorite 5.5 mile loop was runnable. There had been some x-country skiers ahead of us to pound down some of the snow. But as we got higher the snow was just too deep to run. We had some fun hiking though.

It's going to be interesting to see how my training progresses in the snow.

In traveling/other running news: my sister, Megan, has decided to make the trip with me to South Africa this summer as I attempt the Comrades Marathon. This will be our second major trip together and it will surely be a wonderful time. A few years back we spent five weeks together lollygagging around Europe. Jeanie, unfortunately, is unable to make any significant travel plans as she is reaching crunch time with her grad school progression. So... plane tickets to South Africa...gulp. Megan and I are starting to do the planning and researching and we knew tickets weren't going to be cheap. But still. Maybe I need to get sponsorship or something. Are there any savvy international travelers out there who know of secret airfare deals? Or anyone who knows of anyone who has a friend of a cousin that lives next door who is looking for someone to sponsor for this summer? :)

I've been double tagged. By Bruce and Dr. Stonielove. Most of you have seen or done this already. Here are the "rules" to being tagged:

(1) Share 5 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.

(2) Tag someone else at the end of your post by leaving his or her name as well as links to their blog.

(3) Let them know they are TAGGED by leaving a comment on their blog.

Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.

Now here is my bit:

1. Michael Bolton is without a doubt my favorite male vocalist of all-time.

2. My first and only spelling bee ended with the word elephant when I was in the second or third grade. To this day I still have to spell it more than once before I get it right. Jeanie always makes fun of me - she made it to the finals of a national medical spelling bee when she was in high school.

3. I am #130 on this list! Which means that I have two months from today to get ready.

4. I do everything right-handed - expect for changing the turn signal in my car.

5. My idea of a perfect night is a glass of wine and a Reese Witherspoon or Hugh Grant movie. And ice-cream.

I tag GD.

Keep running!



  1. Very interesting facts... I always get stuck on the word calendar... it's hard!

    Africa sounds wonderful... what an experience that will be!

  2. Snow too deep to run? Yikes.

    I wish I were independently wealthy. I'd have to sponsor you. It's the thought that counts, right?

  3. Check with your local running store, or some of the businesses around Pullman. You might be surprised.

    South Africa sounds so adventurous!

  4. I would think with your running accomplishments you could totally find a sponsor. That would be so cool if you found someone.

    I still remember the word I went out on in my 5th grade spelling bee..it was perhaps. Oddly enough my son is in the school spelling bee this week!

  5. Hope you don't miss the trails too much over winter. Well done onentering the Rocky Racoon!

  6. I dunno. Travelling to South Africa to run a marathon is almost as hard core as Rocky Racoon ;-)

  7. I wondered what all you trail runners did in the snow. Are you just going to hit the road?

    Michael Bolton, huh? I always thought of you as a Wayne Newton type :P

  8. Race travels get super $$$. No great tips other than save every penny you can!! I am still looking for a sponsor muself..LOL!!

    To share that with your sister will be priceless. Sorry that your wife is stuck at home. Now that stinks!!

    Is it your sister from Greenville?

  9. wow. you've got some cool stuff planned. i cannot believe you are gonna go for 100! holy cow. GO FOR IT!!
    i have sent sponsorship letters many times and have usually gottens something(not $) back. Give it a try. Write a lettter and start sending. most of the companies will at least reply. it's definitely worth a shot.

  10. So, so jealous about Comrades and Rocky. You're a lucky dude!

  11. Too bad there's not running scholarships out there. Well, maybe there are. Do you have a local running store? Would they be interested in sposoring you in some capacity? Comrades is a rare run, so you might offer a unique sponsorship for them.

  12. I'm with Marcy...Michael Bolton? Never saw it coming.

    South Africa will be AMAZING! I can't wait to hear all about this adventure!

  13. Stop by and pick up your shirt for 8 on the 8th. And don't forget to let me know when you post a report so I can link you into the results. Good luck.

  14. The start time is whatever you would like it to be. Take the early start if you must, but I'm offering you a chance to sleep in.

  15. Okay mister...I updated my blog. GD is back in action!

  16. Love your profile answers! LOL! I came here by way of The Black Knight.