03 April 2013

Views From The Palouse

Three photos from above the Palouse River near Colfax, WA. Steptoe Butte is seen in the background.  Still no running this last week, but I was able to get my bike out for a few miles to get these shots.

Keep running!



  1. Pretty! It looks very spring-like there.

  2. Hi Scott, I stumbled on your site while searching for trail running info in Moscow. I'm moving from Cincinnati to Moscow this summer, and I also run ultras (well, one 50 miler so far). I know about Moscow Mountain, which looks great, but I'm wondering if there are any other good places to run nearby within an hour or so. Or are there any resources you can point me to? Thanks!

    1. Hey Dan - Send me an email and I can provide you with as many options as you would like. scottamcmurtrey@gmail.com

      Moscow Mountain Madness is adding a 50k option to the event in September. We're very excited about that one.

    2. Email sent. I look forward to hearing from you whenever you have a chance to reply.