26 March 2013

Needed: Rest

I hit a bump in the road after a couple of nice weeks of training as I eased back into things after a rest-filled February.

Achilles tendinitis.  My guess is that I still hadn't fully recovered from the 100-miler.

Hells Canyon Adventure Run last weekend? Out. Badger Mt. 50k this weekend? Out.  WSU 100k next month? Probably out too since I'm missing all my long training runs.  

The plan right now is to take two weeks completely off before I test it out, then I'll go from there. We're headed to Germany in May, so my main goal now is to get ready for that race. I went for a short walk this past Sunday, and it was clear that running is not an option right now.

I've felt really lucky during my short running career to have gone mostly injury free. Some runner's knee in 2008 kept me off my feet for a month or so. Achilles tendinitis (in my other leg) back in 2010 left me limping through Chile. Torn calf last summer kept me out for five or six weeks. That's about it. Not too bad.

Of course it's no fun not being able to run, but I understand that part of the risk of running big ultras is that destroying your body sometimes means long layoffs. Risk vs Reward.

Sadie loves running as much as I do, but she'll have to be okay with ball fetch for a couple weeks.  I think she'll cope. 

On a walk by the river with Sadie



  1. It's got to be so frustrating for you. Huge bummer! I hope you get well really soon!

    1. I took my bike out this weekend. It wasn't so bad on a bike. So I think I have an alternative way to get around in the meantime.

  2. Patience, young padawan. :) and ps, YAY Germany!

  3. Sorry to read about your injury. Continue with your recovery and have fun in Germany.

    1. Thanks, Mike. It happens. Hopefully I won't be out too long. :)