06 January 2012

New Year's Eve Marathon - race report

I had so much fun running the New Year's Eve Marathon in Dallas with my sister, Melanie. Running with family is a special treat that I'll never get tired of.

The holiday break was a lot of fun. I have family and friends scattered between the Austin-area, Dallas and Houston (where I'm from), so I spent a good deal of the trip driving back and forth across the state. This was my longest stay back home since 2005.

The marathon was about five minutes away from Melanie's home, which was about as good as having a hotel room on the start line. Temps were in the low 30's at the start, but warmed up nicely to the 60's. It was a beautiful day to run.

The course was a super-flat 6.55-mile "loop" done four times. The "loop" was actually a modified out-n-back, which meant we were going to be seeing the same 3-mile stretch of sidewalk a lot.

Melanie's goal was to break the 5-hr marathon barrier for the first time, and my job was to keep her spirits up by singing Broadway tunes to her the entire way.

One of the main benefits (the only?) of a multiple-out-n-back course is that you get to see your cheering section often. And we had a little cheering section, which was very nice.

I had a great time running with Melanie. And she did awesome. She smashed her PR and sub-5 goal with a 4:42:04.  Awesome. (full results)

Praying to the hydration gods.

Melanie, Annie (she ran the 5k), me

Shortly after the start.
We weren't the only Maniacs there.
(PS. I love my Brooks Pure Flow.)

My bro-in-law, Mike, and my niece, Zoe,
practicing their air-horning.

Mile 14 or so.
Stopping to say hi to our cheering section.

All-smiles all day long.

This is Melanie around mile 25.
The light at the end of the tunnel was both real and a metaphor.

Approaching the finish line.

Awwwww...brother and sister -- so cute. :)

I'm in "off-season" semi-rest mode right now. But that doesn't mean I'm not running.  I have another Pullman Winter 50k this weekend. BUT, I have taken several days off in the last two weeks, so I'm feeling pretty rested/restless.

Keep running!



  1. Great race report! I wish I could have been there.

  2. If someone sang me Broadway tunes all along a marathon course I reckon I'd get a PB too. Well done to your sister!

  3. Thanks for doing this with me, Scott! I still haven't stopped smiling...

  4. Great job to both of you.

  5. @Melanie -- you were awesome. I'd run a marathon with you any day. I had a lot of fun. Very proud of my lil' sis. :)

  6. nice work! so, will you be singing at your next marathon? and can we get video?

    1. I'll try to get a video for you, Wes.

      Also, your the first person I've "replied" to with the new comment reply feature. So that means you are special.