01 July 2011

Seattle Rock 'n' Roll / Bellevue Ghost marathons

Another fun weekend with lots of running. :)

I've had the Seattle R'n'R on my calendar all year, but it was only a few weeks ago that I decided to do the Bellevue Ghost Marathon the day after Seattle. Instead of shooting for a semi-fast Seattle time, the goal became trying to go sub-4 on both of them. This was my first time doing a road marathon double, so I wasn't quite sure how day two was going to look.

Day one was the Seattle R'n'R. I was shooting for in the 3:45 range. The course was decent.  It would have been much better without the three big out-n-backs. In a big-city marathon like that you know there's enough street to go around that you shouldn't need an out-n-back - let alone three.  Weather was nice too, though the sky was overcast and Rainier-blocking.

My legs felt pretty good and I kept an easy pace to finish in 3:33 (results) - a bit faster than I planned, but it felt smooth and easy so I wasn't complaining.

Day two was across the lake in Bellevue for a small marathon put on by a fellow Marathon Maniac. No rock and roll bands on this one, mostly some other crazies that had run Seattle the day before too.

The hills felt extra hilly on tired legs. I was extra tired by mile 20 and had to down-shift the last few miles just to get to the finish line. There were a couple miles that I began asking myself why the heck I was doing this (I don't ask myself that much anymore). :)  I cruised into the finish line at 4:15 (results) -- slower than my goal, but I guess it's still an average of sub-4 for both days, so I'll take it. 

At the expo

Scott Jurek was totally impressed with all my tales of extreme endurance.
 (or was it jealousy?)


Race start

Crossing Lake Washington.
(Okay, this out-n-back was probably worth it.)

Downtown around the halfway mark.
Half-marathoners on the left are near the finish line.

Seattle landmarks: clouds and the Space Needle.

Panoramic image of the view from around mile 22.

Above the aquarium.

Orange you glad I didn't say banana?

7am starters for the Bellevue Ghost.

Hills are tougher when they never end.

Aid station.

Last place.

View from the course.

I have an easy weekend planned for the holiday, then another big run next weekend: Mt. Misery Ultra. Should be miserable.

Keep running!



  1. It was great meeting you Saturday, Scott! Keep on enjoying running! You guys have a beautiful state up there. :)

  2. You are 100% an endurance maniac:0]
    Better get qualifying for next years Western States 100!

  3. Wow! Sub-8 within 24 hours is awesome. Sounds like a neat experience. Now for a little rest?!...

  4. Two Marathons...meeting Scott Jurek...I'd say that was a successful weekend!

  5. Scott Jurek looks in awe of you! Great running!

  6. You are so awesome. Seriously. Awesome.