29 December 2010

Because We Are Runners


We will go on a run today because we are runners.

We will run tomorrow, too. And we will run the next day. This is who we are.

Running is not a hobby.

Running is not a phase we are going through. We will not get it out of our system.

We will sign up for our second marathon the day after finishing our first marathon.

We will wake early every morning to feel the new sun on our legs. To feel fresh snow under our feet. To feel the wind against our backs. To hear birds and newspaper trucks and our favorite playlists. We will watch early-morning clouds move across mountains and we will taste salt on our lips.

We will run when we are at our smiling happiest. We will run when we are at our saddest sad. We will run when we are tired or sick or married or alone. We will run when we have kids and when loved ones pass away. We will run with souls full of heartache and compassion and trust and overflowing love.

We will run to share our love.

We will run to test our own limits, to prove to ourselves that we can do it.

We will run for our health. We will run if only to listen to our own hearts beating for miles. We will run to feel every muscle. We will run to sing as loud as we can in the middle of the woods.

We will run on dirt and sand and mud and concrete and asphalt and gravel and rock and grass and cinder and rubber.

We will run to see how far the trail will go. We will run to see what speeds the sidewalk can handle. We will run between buildings and canyons, and we will believe we are free.

We will run to feel the earth moving under our feet.

We will run to celebrate the life that is flowing through our bodies.



  1. Perfectly stated!!!

    Happy New Year to you! Hope 2011 brings you nothing but tons of happy, healthy miles!

  2. I LOVE it. I linked it everywhere, twitter, fb, running forum, my blog. Hope that's ok! I always love your writing. It's like you are writing exactly what I'm thinking.

  3. Years ago I was watching post race coverage of Bloomsday. There had already been a recap of the winners and where they separated from the others.

    As they were filling out the program, KXLY had a static camera shot of the finish line and all the runners streaming across it. The time was roughly 56 minutes. For reference, the winners finished in the 34 range.

    John Sinclair, a 2 time winner, was providing the color commentary. He stated that the people coming across the line were the crazy people you saw at 7am on a snowy Sunday in February as you were drinking your coffee and reading the newspaper. He called these folks "RUNNERS" vs joggers. It had nothing to do with their speed, although sub-hour is a Holy Grail at Bloomsday. He called them Runners due to their dedication to their sport.

    It didn't matter if it was raining or snowing or windy or way too hot, we'd be out there doing the sport we love.

    As you head out today, congratulate your self on being a Runner.

  4. I was so busy re-reading and re-posting this that I forgot about my pancake and burned it. Thanks for sharing--made my day! :)

  5. Perfect! This should be published far and wide.

  6. I love this! It is SO true! All the many, many reasons to run.

  7. '...we will believe we are free.' What a wonderful way to put it. Good running to you in the new year!

  8. Great post, beautiful words! And happy new year to you too!

  9. Awesome post! Happy New Year! Here's to many happy miles for the year!

  10. Fantastic post! Happy New Year!

  11. Perfect .... we are runners!

  12. A great post to end the year with.

    And it is so very awesome that your writing was so good that one of your readers burned her pancake. That could be a lofty goal for most writers, I think.

  13. This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it!

  14. beautiful piece of writing Scott. I needed to read this today. Thank you.

  15. Thanks for sharing this on the Brooks ID Group on Facebook. There are a lot of quotable items in here that I am going to share.

  16. Thanks for sharing this, Scott...I LOVED it (and so did my family!).