18 October 2010

Lewis-Clark Half Marathon race report

Since I began running in 2007, I have run 7 marathons and 15 ultramarathons.  Surprisingly, until Saturday's Lewis-Clark Half Marathon in Clarkston, WA, I had never attempted a half-marathon.

The race is put on by the Seaport Striders, a club about 30 miles south of where I live.  I've participated in a couple of their races this year and I really enjoy them -- they're low-key and low-fee.

When I woke early to the thermometer reading 30-degrees F, I took a deep breath and finally admitted to myself that summer had gone.  And what a great summer it was.  But no time to waste, autumn is here and it won't wait for me.

Sadie and I drove down with my buddy, Joe.  No dogs allowed for this event, though, so Sadie had to wait for me until post-race to get some running in.  It was a bit warmer down in the Lewiston-Clarkston valley, with a temperature in the low 40's for the start.

The course is a flat out-and-back along the Snake River.  I seemed to remember that I had hit the half-marathon split during my Foot Traffic Flat marathon in July at around 1:25, so I thought that was a good aiming point for this race.  I hadn't done much speed work since then, and even less since my Run Across Idaho in August.  But I knew I could run a sub-1:25, I just didn't know if I had it in me for this particular morning.

A group of about 10 shot out like a gun.  Our pace was pretty quick and I settled in behind another guy at the back of the lead group for the first mile.  A 5k fun run was attached to the half-marathon and they started at the same time as us.  My impression was there were only a few people doing the 5k, but when we reached the 5k turnaround there were about 6 or 7 guys ahead of me who made the turnaround.  I found myself in third place about 50 meters back from the leader, Joe, and a guy tailing him.

I hit the turnaround point at 42:30 (6:29min/mile) and still in third place.  However, the fourth and fifth place guys were close enough (maybe within a minute or so) that I had a bit of incentive to pick up the pace a little for the second half.  I fought the urge to glance back to see if they'd gained ground on me until about mile 11 when my wheels felt like they were going to come off.  I looked back and saw no one behind me.  Not sure what I would have done if I had.  :)

There was a very small (but very noticeable!) climb up to the finish line, and I rolled across in 1:24:09 (6:25min/mile) for third place overall.  My buddy Joe was overall winner.  Full results.

Half-marathon #1 in the books.  :)

Sadie wondering where her treat is

Look, Mom! I got a trophy!

I'm very excited for this weekend.  I'm traveling to southern Utah to run the Goblin Valley 50k.  Other noteworthy runners who will be toeing the starting line include:

-Dad (he'll probably opt for the 25k...still not fully recovered from his quadruple-bypass)
-Melanie (sister; her first 50k)
-Adam (brother; his first 50k)
-Jen (sister-in-law; her first 50k)
-Lisa (sister; her first 50k)
-Travis (brother-in-law; 25k or 10k)
-Sadie (my dog; her 3rd ultra this year)
-other family coming to spectate and support

It should be an absolute blast.

Finally, I am now officially entered into the 115th Boston Marathon scheduled for April 18, 2011.  Let the countdown begin.  :)

Keep running!



  1. Way to go!!! Kera:)

  2. Pretty amazing pace.
    Cool trophy.
    Yay Utah!

  3. I guess we all should pitch in and get you a trophy case. That might help motivate you to get more trophies. Congrats on the 3rd place win. That's really cool.

  4. Whoa, whoa, and whoa! Congrats on your awesome half marathon. I'm just really not surprised anymore. :)

    Can't wait to run my first 50k with you in FOUR days!

  5. You did well to get into Boston! It sold out pretty quick. Well done on the half!

  6. Great result in the half, well done.

    It's great that you have so many people to run the 50k with you - amazing family!

  7. Dude... we're going to have to slow you down. How does a diet heavy in beer and trans-fats sound? :-) Well done!!!

  8. Wow, that's fast, well done! Cool trophy. Good to hear you are in for Boston. I heard it was full very quickly.

  9. Starting a half marathon at a 5k pace. Awesome! With a family 50k and entry into Boston you have a fun schedule ahead of you. Good Luck.

  10. Wow! Totally agree Mel! And Lisa I'm just not surprise anymore either. I absolutely can't wait to read about yalls run this weekend. I don't think I could ever get Coy or Carrie out there with me.

  11. Wow! I can't believe how fast Boston filled up. Registration closed in 8 hours! So glad I got in.

  12. Congrats on the time & the trophy - very impressive! Have fun with the goblins - your family is amazing. Good job getting into Boston!

  13. Congrats on a great, first, half marathon. Looks like Utah will be GREAT. Wish my family had an interest in running/walking/fitness, etc. NOPE, not an ounce at all.

    Safe travels!

  14. Weather report for Goblin Valley Saturday is cold and rainy. So I think I will switch from the 25K to the 50K.
    I don't want my kids to have all the fun.
    See you tomorrow.

  15. congrats! incredible time!

  16. Now you can say to be a top runner. Congrats. 1:24:09 is very very fast.