30 October 2010

Doc Sears Fall Classic

There was another Saturday morning event down in the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley.  The Doc Sears Classic is a 4.65 mile paved loop course put on by the Lewis-Clark State College cross-country team.

I didn't plan to race hard, and didn't even bring my Garmin or watch to run with.  But my legs were feeling pretty good after about a mile even though my last three weekends have been marathon, half-marathon, and ultra-marathon.  I moved into third place just past mile 1 and ran a couple miles about 50 meters back from the two guys running together in front of me.  

Around mile 3.5 my legs were still feeling good and I was closing the gap between me and the front runners.  So I thought I'd race a bit.  :)  I snuck into second place with about a mile to go and was gaining pretty good on the leader.  But when he glanced back and saw me about 20 meters behind and gaining, he showed that he had something left in his legs too.  I gained on him, but it was too little too late -- I crossed the finish line in 28:02, seven seconds behind him.  (results)

Second race this year I nearly missed by showing up late.
Here I am rushing to the starting line.

Cruising along the Snake River

Loving my Brooks Green Silence

Near mile 4.5 -- The eventual winner is in the blue shirt
ahead of me as we weave through the walkers.

Keep running!



  1. Looks like a great place for a race. Congrats! You recover FAST!

  2. Another good race!
    Glad to see Sadie took the photos :]

  3. Second place is an awesome place to be! Congratulations!!!

  4. 6:02 pace! that's just sick. CONGRATS, my friend!

  5. Not bad...

    Glad your legs are feeling so good. Good job!

  6. Bet it feels good to know that you can not only run long distances but also multi-length races really FAST. Congrats on your second place overall (FIRST in your age group) placement!

  7. Marathon, half-marathon, ultra-marathon and a 2nd place overall in 4 weeks: normal performance for normal people. Yes, you can do better.
    Of course I'm joking, you are a great runner.
    I like your running shoes.

  8. Nicely done! If you race in the Green Silence what do you normally wear?

  9. Darrell -

    I do all my pavement running in Brooks Racer ST 4 or Green Silence. My Cascadias get the majority of my mileage though -- I'm on trails more often than not. :)

  10. Congrats! Love the trees, so pretty!

  11. Congratulations! That's awesome!