12 September 2010

Moscow Mountain Madness 2010 (a mini race report)

I initially planned to skip this race, but my legs have been feeling better the last couple days, so I decided to get in one more good run before I leave for NYC/Costa Rica/SF.

Moscow Mountain Madness is a 12-mile trail run on my favorite local trails.  I ran this last year and finished in the top-10.  Even with heavy legs this year, I figured I could beat last year's time simply because I'm in much better shape than I was last year.  My legs weren't in racing mode, but my plan was to push them to the limit.

The crowd thinned out within about a mile and by two miles Sadie and I were by ourselves, just like a regular weekend run for us.  Except this time it cost me $15 more than usual.

My legs ended up feeling very good for the second-half downhill, so I let loose and blasted down.  Sadie was feeling strong too, and we crossed the finish line in 1:22:00 and another top-10 finish.

Lining up for the start

Almost feels like summer again

I love these trails

Sadie loves them too

I like running

I'll probably be offline for a couple weeks, but you'll hear from me soon.  :)

Keep running!



  1. Cool, and congrats on being in the top 10!

  2. Well done on a strong finish. It looks beautiful.

  3. Nice work! That is very fast indeed. Congratulations!

  4. You are just a running foo! Nice work!

  5. That's a great finish, congrats!! Beautiful pictures and I love your dog :).

  6. Sadie and Scott, a famous running couple! You are always fast and competitive. This is another success despite all the long and tough races done in a short period. Great pictures as usual.

  7. Wow, that's almost 20 minutes faster than last year, right?! Awesome job!

  8. Wow! Yet another good run from you and Sadie, it's been a good year :]

  9. I saw your comments on a recent Runner's World article about running with your dog. I have a pit bull/pointer mix who has an infinite amount of energy. I've gotten her to run up to 3 miles with me, but she doesn't really have the capability yet to run more...is there a way you steadily increased Sadie's mileage? And how often do you hydrate her along the way? I love running half and full marathons, and I want to be able to train for them with Oregon (my dog!) THanks!

  10. Happy birthday yesterday. I forgot to post that message on your blog and on Facebook. Eek. I'll remedy that right now.