30 September 2010

Costa Rica

Rode a bus through the clouds. 

Swam under a half-lit Caribbean ocean moon. 

Woke up in a hammock to a snake crawling across me. 

Hiked with monkeys and sloths. 

Drank cerveza and Nicaraguan rum and guaro. 

Kayaked through a jungle. 

Took surfing lessons at sunrise. 

Pedaled a bike over pavement and dirt from village to village. 

Taught two teenage boys who spoke no English how to body-surf. 

Played chess with an Italian expat.  

Ate jerk chicken tacos and gallo pinto and fresh fruit pastries and fish drenched in coconut sauce.

Smelled leather in skinny market corridors.

Walked with kids in an independence day parade.

Ran barefoot on a deserted stretch of beach. 

Showered in the rain.

 (snake slithering across me and the hammock)

(check out the entire photo album on my facebook page)


  1. looks like heaven.

    Costa rica is going on my "must visit" list.

    Enjoy!! -- duh, you already are. So Keep ON - enjoying.

  2. The food looks delish. The scenery is breath-taking. Enjoy your trip and run.

  3. Oh man...it all sounds/looks amazing. Except that snake across your chest - eeks! ENJOY!!!!!

  4. WOW>>>>>>>>>>>>>>:]
    Amazing holiday!
    Just had 4 days recovering from my mountain Marathon, at home very bored,drinking to much beer :]
    I must be doing something wrong!

  5. What an adventure! yeah, I can do without the snake, but most of it looks grand. Enjoy and be safe!

  6. Well said. Well shown.

  7. everything was great until you threw that picture of you in there. ruined it for me it did ;-)

  8. This is seriously amazing stuff!

  9. sounds like a great trip...except for the snake part.

  10. You know how enjoying the life! Great pictures, great place, great post|

  11. Another great trip with great pics. Thanks for sharing.

  12. The trip looks amazing. I haven't gotten a chance to look at the album as I'm sitting down to catch up on stuff for the first time in a few weeks. Can't believe the snake. I might have fainted. Me no-likey snakes.