16 June 2010

Vancouver Skyline 50k - race report

Amidst a little vacation to Seattle and British Columbia (seaweed hot-dogs, sushi, more sushi, cheeses, beer and more beer, salty Persian yogurt sodas, killer whales, sunshine, rainy rain forests, Shakespeare on a beach, bungee jumping, etc.) I did another 50k - the Vancouver Skyline XTC 50k.

And dogs were allowed to run, so Sadie participated in her first "official" 50k.  (Vancouver is such a dog-friendly city!) Streams and creeks were plentiful and Sadie dove in whenever she had the chance.  It makes me happy seeing her run.

It was a fun event with some great trails and beautiful views.  This event was unique because there were no course markings on the trails.  You either knew the course, or you had to print and carry several pages of turn-by-turn instructions.  I only got lost twice.  It was an out-and-back course, so navigation on the way back was much easier.

The climbs and rocks and roots and mud and scenic views made for a fun day: 

Pre-race stretching.

Sadie's inexperience showing as she wanted to stay with the leaders early on.

Steep climbs.

Wet, rocky climbs.

Capilano Lake was one of the many highlights of the course.

Sadie enjoyed all the water.

Sweet single track.

Amazing views.

These rooty sections were fun.

On the home stretch.

Sadie celebrating her 1st place finish in the canine division.

We finished in 6:26:00.  (results)

I've had a fun year racing so far.  However, with the Atacama Crossing (and Boston) on the horizon, I'm going to try my hardest to minimize my racing and traveling expenses for the rest of the year.  In other words, I'm not sure if I'll sign up for any new events at this time.  For me, this will be a true test of will.  But I do have at least two more events this year that I've already registered for and plan on attending - the Foot Traffic Flat Marathon on July 4th, and the Goblin Valley Ultra on October 23rd with my dad and sister(s).

So, looks like Sadie and I have some big running to do on our own near home this summer.  Should be fun.  :)

Keep running!



  1. I am super impressed by Sadie - and congrats to you as well.

  2. 1st Place Canine Division...way to go Sadie.

  3. Photos look sensational, as always. Well done to Sadie! Hope she got a medal - or a t-shirt at least.

  4. I've always thought Sadie must be one of the fittest dogs on the planet and she just proved it! Way to go Sadie (and you!).

  5. Yay! Congratulations! The pictures are beautiful. That looks like a super fun race. What are the points for (on the results page)?

  6. Melanie, those were club points that member earn throughout the year. I had to purchase a day membership to participate in the event. Pick up trash gets a point, finishing must be two points, etc.

  7. Wow - that looks like fun. However, I don't do unmarked courses unless I have a skilled navigator with me. I'm bad enough at marked courses!

    No worries on Eric's sunburn, it all peeled off (yuck)! I'm trying not to race this summer either, but more to stick to my three-times-broken promise of no races in the summer. I know what you mean about a test of will!

  8. Nice write up. I do love your photos, Scott. If you use Flickr, would you consider posting them to the Club Fat Ass Flickr pool. Or - alternatively, send them to me to add to the pool so our members can see them, too.

    Points are part of our annual point series and are awarded for early sign-up (since all events are free for members, sign-up was a bit of a problem, folks just showed up, but to compile the results and make sure everybody is back safely, online sign-up helps), participation, picking up litter off the trail, good sportsman ship, hosting events, referals and a few other things. Points are hotly contested as the winner will get a pair of trail runners from our sponsor, Kintec Footlabs.
    Running with descriptions levels the playing field a bit as fasties who don't know the course need to slow down. We do make an effort to match up newbies with runners who are familiar with the terrain.

    Anyway, it was nice to meet you, Scott. Hope you can come out again.


  9. It was a true pleasure to get to know you better out on the trails of North and West Vancouver, Scott.

    'Glad to hear you and Sadie had a good time. How'd your friend like the road run on Sunday?

    Your photos were awesome! Here are some more:

    just scroll down to the slideshow.

    Word from the Chief Executive Fat Ass (Sibylle) is that the movie will soon be finished and you're a star! Stay posted...

    Ean "Action" Jackson
    Host of the XTC

  10. Thanks, Sibylle and Ean. Great to meet both of you. You have a great group of folks to run the trails with.

    Ean, thanks for the running tip for Sunday. We ended up running/hiking some of the trails instead of the road when we parked and saw signs for Twin Falls and the Suspension Bridge. We got a few miles on the gravel path next to Lilloet Rd too. It was all beautiful. And Bard on the Beach was fantastic Saturday night.

  11. These are some of my favorite race photos of yours. I think I'd rather hike those climbs instead of run them though :)

  12. Hey Scott, it was great to share some trail time with you and Sadie. I hope you make it up for some more runs up here. I hope Sadie got an extra big helping of dinner after her awesome showing, she's a sweetie!


  13. Wow, that looks like a great (and challenging) course! Congrats to you. And very cool you could take your dog!!

  14. those pictures are incredible! i need to get out there and see more of the world through running!

    congrats to sadie! i can't believe she can do all this. what a good pup!

  15. makes me want to go find a trail tonight for my run. pretty certain i would have a very hard time finding one here in west texas.

  16. great job you and sadie! the wether here in seattle area is YUCK no summer here yet! (: my motivation has been down. but I will eventually get it back. Canada is a great place to go. I was in Victoria last summer my first time we had a blast

  17. Man, you and your dog sure cover some ground! Congrats on another great race, and as a Canadian I'm glad you enjoyed all that Vancouver and British Columbia have to offer. Come back anytime!

  18. Great report and photos. What a wonderful experience for you and Megan. I can't wait to hear all about the trip.

  19. I'm super impressed with all of your trail running. Sadie is awesome, too! You're pictures are great. Keep up the blogging! I enjoy it.

  20. Congrats to both of you! The pics are amazing. Where can I read the Sadie's report?
    The word verification is essersani in italian it means: to be fit!

  21. congrats, once again! those pics look amazing. looks like a race i'd love to do sometime!