06 June 2010

Rainier to Ruston Rail-Trail Relay and Ultra

Yesterday I had the pleasure of volunteering at the Rainier to Ruston Rail-Trail Relay and Ultra.  This great event is directed by Rob and Eric.  Rob was looking for some aid station help and for someone to sweep the 50k ultra.  I volunteered for the sweep (a sweep plays caboose and stays as the last runner to make sure no one is left on the course) and my friend and sister took one of the aid stations. 

Because I spent the entire day running/walking with the last runner, most of it was slow going.  However, three runners dropped out of the race at various points and it gave me the chance to put in some speed work to catch up to the next runner. 

Rob and Eric must have made a sacrifice to the running gods because it was a beautiful day to run.  Yes, a beautiful day to go for a run.  :)  

Mt. Rainier watched over the runners.

Rivers and mountains make a good team.

Playing caboose on a long country road.

Colorful crosswalk in Orting, WA.

This bench provides a great view
of the trees five feet in front of it.

Yep, this is the trail.  :)

Out of the mountains and into Tacoma.

"Is that Scott McMurtrey!?! OMG! It is!!
It is Scott!! Scott!! Can we take a picture with you!?!"

Sun setting over the bay.  Almost to the finish line.

At the finish line with Al and his crew.
I ran with Al for the last 12 miles or so.
Way to finish strong, Al!
Thanks, Rob and Eric for letting us help out.  It's a great event.
I'm on vacation this week in Canada.  Next stop is the Vancouver Skyline 50k next weekend.
Keep running!



  1. i told you heads would start turning! ;)

  2. love volunteering!! have a safe trip!

  3. HAHAHA!!! Travis wants to know where you found all those girls?

    Looks like you had fun volunteering. Good luck next week. How many ultras have you done now?

  4. I've run with the sweep on several occasions just to keep them company. I figure I get to enjoy the race longer than anyone else. That's not a bad deal on such beautiful trails.
    I wish I was with you three this week. Have a great time in Canada!


  5. wow - lots of girls and miles.

  6. Aah, could those girls keep up with you?

  7. Late congrats on your marathon, I tried to post the comment yesterday but it was impossible.
    Girls or miles? Your decision...

  8. LMAO... Where did you find the Debutants? and what's up with those CHICKEN LEGS! HA! We need to fatten you up!!

  9. Great photo's once again, impressed with the pic of you and the 'Ladies' and the bench facing the trees made me laugh :]
    Check out this book here;

  10. Glad you enjoyed it Scott, sorry I didn't get to see you. I stuck around for about an hour after I finished, but when our son offered a ride home, I took him up on it. The infamous "sandy trail" was a mess, wasn't it? Love this course...

  11. That sounds like an awesome experience...almost more fun because you were volunteering and not stressed out racing. And you have your own bevy of beauties!