08 May 2010

Trails, Rain, Squirrels, Bears

Some snow, some rain, and winds knocking over trees like toothpicks.

I like feeling rain on my face when I'm running.  Yes, Sadie needs a bath when we get home, but it's worth it.  The best thing about the weather turning sour is that Sadie and I will usually have the trails to ourselves.

After work earlier this week the weather was particularly wild when we made our way up to Moscow Mt.  We were the only car parked at the trailhead of my favorite 5.5 mile loop.  Seems the wildlife weren't expecting any visitors with the weather being so poor because they were out in force.  Sadie chased maybe a dozen deer (I tell her she'll never catch one) and had a couple epic battles with her nemesis: the squirrel.  But we see deer up there all the time.  What we've never seen until this run was a bear.  I was hammering a downhill when out of the corner of my eye I saw something off to the left:

Momma black bear and two yearlings

Momma had her eye on me for a couple minutes

Momma watched us for a few minutes then trotted uphill into some bushes.  I made a mental note not to run by that bush on the way back.  There's a grizzly research center in town that we run by sometimes and we can watch them out in their field playing around.  But that's with two layers of electric fence between us.  It's a little different seeing them out in the wild.  Bears make me nervous.  I'm glad my first encounter was a safe one.

Sadie wasn't very impressed with the bears.  "Boring," she said. "Can't we keep running?"  She had more important things to deal with.  There was a squirrel that was taunting Sadie like she'd never been taunted before.  It would climb the tree a couple feet out of the reach of Sadie and just stared at her.  Sadie was going crazy.

"Don't worry, squirrel. I won't hurt you."
(you can see the squirrel on the left side of the tree)

Sadie climbing the tree. She climbed higher
with each try and finally the squirrel took off.

Today Sadie and I did 20 miles in the rain.  She'll be joining me for a 50k trail race next month, so we need to make sure she gets in shape.  :)  My next race is the Coeur d'Alene Marathon on May 30th.

"I always loved running...it was something you could do by yourself, and under your own power. You could go in any direction, fast or slow as you wanted, fighting the wind if you felt like it, seeking out new sights just on the strength of your feet and the courage of your lungs."
-Jesse Owens

Keep running!



  1. Please stay away from the bears!!!

  2. great pics.. nice looking bear. I figure if I can see the bear I am way to close

  3. What a rare and special experience to see bears in the wild so close up. I'd rather see a bear than an automobile...

  4. Crazy bear run. You can cross that off the list. I really like that Jesse Owens quote.

  5. It looks like Sadie is starting to think and act like a squirrel. She'll get that rascally rodent one day.

  6. scott, you are crushing it in these races!! WOW!! awesome. just awesome. Hope Sadie can keep up with you!!

  7. also, can i get your email address?

  8. I think I'd avoid that route! Bears like eating runners I'm told. :)

  9. How funny! We tell our dog, Scarlett, the same thing all the time, "you can't catch them girl" she tries anyway. Great wild pics of the bears. Glad it was at a distance. Be Safe! Keep Running!

  10. Is Sadie after 20 miles so strong to climb the trees?

  11. Yea, my dogs chase squirrels too, and I'm hoping they will never catch one, cause the squirrel would kick there arse :-)

  12. Big Bears, thats WILD!
    We have Red squirrels here, rabbits and foxes, but the only bear is my wifes Teddy Bear!
    Tess is mighty impressed by Sagies climbing skills :]

  13. opps typo mistake sorry Sadie!

  14. Awesome Pics. I love running in the rain too.