05 February 2010

Inching Toward Spring

I was told I post a lot of photos of Sadie. Yes, that is correct.

We've received a lot of rain the past couple weeks in the lower elevations and the hills are snow free. So, hoping for unexpected snow melt in the higher elevations, we decided we'd give the trails up on Moscow Mountain a shot. There was still a lot of snow up top, but for the most part it was clear and worth the trip.

Next Saturday, my brother is getting married in Houston. After the reception a few of us are making a late night drive to Austin for Sunday's Austin Marathon. I'll be running with two of my sisters, Melanie and Lisa. My dad had hoped to run, but he's playing it safe on his running road to recovery, so instead of trying to squeeze out 26.2 miles he'll be cheering from the sideline. It should be a fun trip.

I hope everyone is well.

Keep running!



  1. Austin marathon! Very exciting. I love it! Wish I was going back this year. Fun times! Good Luck! Looking forward to the race report.

  2. I'm so excited! But I have a feeling you and Melanie will be carrying me the last half... Y'all could do that, right? Can't wait!

  3. Hope that snow melts soon for you. Have a good trip.

  4. and what's wrong with pictures of Sadie?

    Congrats to your brother. Enjoy the wedding festivities and the marathon afteward. How fun!

  5. Sounds like a great trip! Houston will be a bit warmer than where you live, I'm sure :-)

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  7. you're running this weekend, right?? Hope its a great race for ya! I know you will kick some butt!!

  8. SO great to hear you are on your way! What a great way to celebrate.