31 August 2009

Sadie and the Moose

Came around the corner fast, Sadie just ahead of me, and Momma Moose and Baby Moose were standing no more than 20 ft off the trail in a clearing. 20 ft is very close in wild moose proximity terms. Some moose don't like runners (read Karl Meltzer's moose encounter) and Momma Moose generally doesn't like runners when Baby Moose is around.

So after a mild heartbeat skip and a fast sprint by I got far enough away to feel comfortable to take a photo. Sadie's curiosity got the best of her and she went toward Momma Moose (Baby Moose had climbed up well behind her) and got to about 10 yards away before Momma Moose let out a deep growl/puff that sent Sadie scurrying back to me.

Momma Moose (zoom lens)

I've heard some bad Moose attack stories and it's always in the back of my mind when I'm running around blind corners or switchbacks. This was my closest encounter yet, and I feel lucky that Momma Moose wasn't in an ill mood.

Sadie blew off the encounter and when we reached the top of our run she reasserted her dominance over the mountain with a majestic pose:

Keep running!


Sadie says, "Hi."


  1. Great photos. Glad Momma Moose wasn't testy.

  2. I've been chased by an elephant but not a moose!

  3. Close call!!

    Hi! to Sadie

  4. I would like to read what the moose wrote on her blog about the meeting with Sadie.

  5. thats a close encounter alright. I can see why it would keep you on your toes knowing those things could be lurking around the next corner.

  6. I'm glad you're both still alive. :)

  7. Sadie just looks like Lassie with that pose. Wow !!! The closest I ever get to was a squirrel.

    We don't have Moose, but we do have 'Killer Cows' here in England, read this report linking deaths with people walking dogs!
    Did have a close encounter last year in a trail race when a herd of cows stampeded infront of us, I'd heard that waving your arms above your head moved them out the way, well it did, but one cow panicked turned and crashed head first into a steel gate, the impact made the ground shake under my feet!
    But when the adrenaline is pumping you don't worry about such things and just get on and race!