08 August 2009

Have Trails - Will Run

Keep running!



  1. The next time we run together we MUST find a trail.

  2. i was wondering the same...how did you do that?

  3. hey, good to see ya! yeah...don't ya just love the heat and humidity! uuggh. can be pretty tough at times. what's next race?

  4. Who is the director? Francis Ford Coppola?

  5. You'll have to post the making of!

  6. cool trails and base rocking beats!
    maybe you can fix Sadie up with a video cam!
    Yeah how did you do that, have you got an extra long third arm!

  7. Very cool. Love the game face.

    Add me to the "how'd you do that?" brigade.

  8. Hey dude... Fantastic video. There wasn't any traffic at all. I am jealous. For me, I have to watch hundred of cars going by during my run. Here, you have no cars coming back. I see that it was all in descent. I was hoping to find some wildlife out there. You certainly do have the best trail.

    By the way, what's your secret to holding the video camera so nicely?

    One more thing.. turn the camera the other way around so I can see what the trail looks like ahead! I will put the computer in front of the treadmill and pretend that I am running down the trail.

  9. Answer:
    I built a camera-holding contraption and mounted it on Sadie and she simply ran beside me the entire way. She's a good dog. ;)

    (or you can just hold the camera yourself while you run...)