06 July 2009

Trails, Moose, and a Lost Camera

A camping trip swallowed my camera and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get it back. Bummer.

Sadie and I spent months training for road ultras and since my return from Africa we've been spending a great deal of time pounding the dirt on some of Idaho's best trails. Need trails. Need trails bad.

If you look close enough at this photo taken by my camera phone (the weekend after I lost my good camera) you can see momma moose near the patch of sunlight on the edge of the ridge. Baby moose is just around the tree. Sadie was chasing a squirrel and had no idea about the moose.

We love the trails. Sadie loves trails the same way fish love water. And even though I'm not a marine biologist, I know that's a lot of love. I love trails about as much as Sadie loves macaroni and cheese. That's probably even more than I love chocolate chip cookies. I know, I'm blowing your mind right now.

The sun hasn't been setting until nearly 10pm, so nearly everyday I've had the opportunity to catch some trails after work -- if we haven't been going down to the Snake River. It's been great.

Near the top of Moscow Mountain

Saturday, on the trail, I think it was the fourth of July

Sadie gained a little weight while I was away for a few weeks.
We've run it off, though, and she's feeling much better.

I've found that with the warm weather and long days I've been spending very little time at home and on the computer. I love the summer. I love running.

Keep running!



  1. Keep making good use of those long summer nights.

  2. Of course you love summer, in the winter you live inside an ice cube!

  3. sounds like a reasonable excuse, but surely you have a FEW minutes after the sun goes down ;-)

  4. Sounds like a great life.

    Bummer about the camera, though.

  5. Ahhh... wonderful pics! Keep running, Scott!

  6. You're making me want to go out for a run!

  7. your on facebook and i can't be your friend?!?!?! :(

  8. I saw my first wolf and two moose while running near the Snowbird ski resort (Utah). One of the moose was cruising through the parking lot. Very cool...

  9. ouch really nice pics of the trails. I recently read a book you might find interesting called Fun on Foot in New York by Warwick Ford and Nola Ford.
    The go into great detail about parks and trails even where washrooms are during their runs.
    It seems to be the thing to do in my city so after reading this book I felt more motivated to go run around and find good places to run or walk or jog.