08 March 2009

Changing Weather

Out for an early, cold, windy,
long Saturday morning run

One of the great things about living in
a small town is that it's easy to get out of town
with your own two feet...and the pavement
lasts for only so long

Sadie is down in the creek somewhere

Frozen muddy roads through winter wheat

Sadie seeking shelter from the bitterly strong win

Following a railroad track further out of town.
Strong winds are blowing in snow clouds fast.

Found a road that lead me exactly
where I wanted to go: someplace new

Ended up on an Idaho highway.
"Good girl, Sadie. Let's turn
around and go home."

Sometimes the road cuts sharply down over the horizon and you
can't see where it leads. But you can smell the beauty of the world
and you've been down many roads before and trust that this one will
take you somewhere, too.


  1. Sadie, how could you do without her? She is your best running mate. Nice pics and no ... nice weather.

  2. I enjoy reading about your running adventures. I cannot imagine going so far but I'm happy for you, really!

    Beautiful pictures of Palouse country. My grandmother still lives in Lewiston and these pictures remind me of long drives between Seattle & Lewiston.

  3. Those are great pictures! I can't believe you're dealing with that...and we're ready to turn on the air conditioner.

  4. Great pics. Thanks for sharing!

  5. My oldest, Cole (4), was sitting next to me when I was reading your post. He is obsessed with trains and noticed the train pics immediately. We had to blow them up and look at them big. :)

    As always, really neat pics!

    And Mel we have already turn on the AC. Actually it is running right now at 9 in the morning.

  6. Truly priceless! Breathtaking pictures. Makes me wanna jump into the pictures and have the whole world to myself for a moment.

  7. Awesome! I love the photos.

  8. Nicely written!!

    You said: Found a road that lead me exactly where I wanted to go: someplace new

    I jast just telling my Scott that I needed some "new" to run on. Doesn't take me long to get burnt out.

    Always good to see Saddie!

  9. Ahhhhh dude looks nice :-) If you like snow and all :P (Yeah who am I kidding? We still have some here too HAHA!)

  10. I love this line - "Found a road that lead me exactly
    where I wanted to go: someplace new". I think it is going to be my new motto.