15 February 2009

Saturday Stroll

Michelle and Eric came to town to visit their son, Riley, and they sent me an email asking if I could give them a tour of some of the world-class running trails that Pullman has to offer. Coming from the greater Seattle area I know it's not often that they can find a good place to run. Only because I feel so bad for them for living in a runner's wasteland did I agree to their request.

I asked if they preferred hills or flatter hills and Eric mumbled something about 13 marathons/ultramarathons in 13 weeks and said the flatter option sounded fun. Sadie and I met them early at the world famous Chipman Trail for a little Saturday morning stroll in the crisp Palouse air.

Saturday morning on Chipman Trail

Eric's "tired" legs wanted to do some speed work so I spent most of the morning just trying to keep up. It was good for the soul, though. It's fun being around runners who are excited about running. I don't get that much around here despite the world-class natural facilities.

As we said our goodbyes I think I overhead Michelle saying something about "moving to Pullman as soon as they can" because it's so awesome here. :)

My legs are feeling pretty good for where I am in my training right now. I'm just hoping to be ready for the WSU 100k in two months. That's not a lot of time, but it will be fun trying to get ready. It's the journey.

A quick shout-out to my sister for completing her first marathon yesterday! Congrats, Lisa!

Keep running!



  1. You should have gone up that mountain trail you did a few months back!

  2. Looks like you could have found yourself a couple of training partners there!

  3. Awww it's always nice to have some run time with fellow Bloggers :-)

  4. ROFL... That's what you get for being so nice ;-) Very cool you got to meet Eric and Michelle... Entirely jealous!

  5. It really was cool! I love Pullman and though I'd miss the beautiful NW side of the state, I'd move there. The next day we ran a mile up the trail, then over to the grizzlies, then up that road that goes back to campus (past all the greenhouses) then back to the hotel for a cold, cold 5 miles. Nice!

    Thanks for hosting us Scott. We'll see you next time we're in town!

  6. Scott - you were a great host and I really appreciate your willingness to run flat and stay away from the golf course which I know you truly wanted to be on.

    We ran up to the light the second day and had a gander at the Grizzly Bears. We saw five of them.

    I need to get a post up sometime in the near future. I've had a rare break from posting due to a hectic schedule running and working.

  7. Sounds like you had a great run. I still think you need to make it over this way sometime for a race.