07 February 2009

Melting Snow and Aching Legs

With a couple races finally on the horizon I'm back to training. Sadie and I went out for 17.75 very hilly miles this morning. WSU's new golf course has become my favorite winter running wonderland. No traffic. Sadie can run free. Extremely scenic. But hilly hilly hilly. The hills aren't huge but it's nothing but them. There are literally no flat sections on the 18-hole loop. Do the loop a few times and it's a great workout. The snow is melting fast, but don't let that fool you into thinking it's "warm" around here.

Melting snow = muddy Sadie.
17.75 miles = sore legs.

This is the longest run I've been on since late October. It felt pretty good though, and I'm excited about getting myself back into ultramarathon shape. And I can't tell you how excited I am about the South Africa trip. We'll even have a 12-hour layover in London. I've never been to London and I'm hoping we can skip out of the airport for a couple hours for a pint somewhere. The trip will be over 30 hours from start to finish. That may test my endurance more than the 89k run.

Hope all are doing well. Below are some photos from runs this week. Compared with the photos I took from a couple weeks ago you can see how the snow is melting fast. Enjoy.

Keep running!



  1. 17.75 miles is not bad, especially on hills. I think you will be ready soon for your two upcoming races. Keep up the good work. I'll be running with you soon...Dad

  2. Amazing photos! Hilly runs are good for the soul!

  3. Nice run, Scott! Great photos too! I am guessing Sadie was super excited!

  4. I'm glad the snow is melting.

    Hills. Man, hills are nice, but almost 18 miles of them???? Ouch.

    Keep up the great running!

  5. Sadie was born to run! You too, probably :-)

  6. Nice run, Scott! Glad to see you get back to the running. For some reason you're not updating on my bloglines. Strange!

  7. Nice job on the run. Glad to hear that some of the snow is melting out there. Hope you're legs bounce back quickly!

  8. Hey - got your email - we haven't quite finalized our arrival/departure plans, or even where we'll stay, but I'm sure we can get a morning run in one of the two days! I'll check with Eric tonight and get back to you. Of course, it'll be you and Eric running and me trailing along behind, but as long as you drop some breadcrumbs (wait, make it M&Ms!) to follow I'll be fine.

  9. Lookin good! Grandma would be proud :P