25 August 2008

Me Running and Photos to Prove It (Allegedly)

Okay, so the photos don't prove anything. You can trust me, though. Right?

With the summer weather as amazing as it's been the past few weeks it's been really hard to be inside on the computer. We've been going camping, going to the river, going to parks, etc. But I have been putting in my mileage and I've been getting some amazing photos along the way.

Here are some photo highlights from the past two weeks:

Just before harvest

The roads through these wheat fields
are some of my favorite places to run

Sadie likes water

Golden wheat

Yesterday I went on a nice 19 mile road run. It was the longest run I've done on pavement since the Portland Marathon last October. We were meeting some friends down at the Snake River so I thought I'd get up early and meet everyone down there. Minus a couple stops for photos I ran the entire way at about an 8:55/mile pace. It felt good. No Sadie for the run, though, which was okay because she got some good exercise swimming in the river later.

Harvest bird

Some great views through the Palouse

Heading down to the Snake River Canyon

Near the park at the end of the run

I love the river in the summer

And jumping into it

I still haven't decided about the Cle Elum 50k in a few weeks. There's a few spots open but because of logistical reasons I'm leaning toward skipping it. But, there's still a few spots open...

When the weather starts turning I'll find myself on the computer more. And the Olympics are over, so there's not that "distraction." :)

Keep running!



  1. Cle Elum is your gut check race. You know you love those woopdedoos the motorcycles have left for you on the trails!

    I've never run fields like you are running. I don't know if I'd like it or if it would drive me stark raving mad. That's a short drive by the way.

    Sign up!

  2. ah, the wheat fields! the question i have is: did you run back UP the hill from the river?
    i think about you and sadie running a lot- you two would LOVE the trails here. i'm thinking you and jeanie and the girls need to hop a flight!

  3. Bet you love to make the most of running those trails at the moment, after putting up with your long winters.

  4. Man...it's great and sunny now. It wasn't too long and you were slogging through the snow!

  5. Great photos. Great run to the Snake! Wish I was there with you...

  6. Duuuuudddee those pics are amazing. Love em! And I'm sure Grandma does too :P

  7. Great pictures! Don't worry about not being by the computer lately...there's plenty of time for that when the weather is crappy.

  8. It does look beautiful in an Eastern WA kind of way...

    Hey - our son is over there at WSU now. Maybe you'll see him some day!

  9. Great pictures and video. You look great too!

  10. Ha! Admit it. There's a four wheeler back there somewhere with ding dongs and a case of cold beer :-)

    Awesome pics, bro! Love the golden fields...

  11. Those are some great pictures!!!

  12. WHOA! Gorgeous scenery!!

  13. thos pictures make me miss the Palouse in summertime sooooo bad

  14. Nice photos. I think I would enjoy running through the wheat fields as well.

  15. Looks like the wheat goes on forever.

    The pic of you with the sun halo is pretty cool.

    Blogging is def not a priority when we've got the outside to enjoy!

  16. Looking out at the road rushing under my wheels...
    Looking back at the years gone by like so many summer fields.
    In '65 I was seventeen and running up 101...
    I don't know where I'm running now, I'm just running on ...

  17. loved all the pics... especially the one of you on the road between the wheat feilds. It reminds me of ND prior to combine season! :)

  18. I always trust you, why not?

  19. Awesome photos. Miss you but know you need to maximize the nice weather. Go for it, buddy.