01 July 2008

Pre-vacation vacation...and then I'm off to Iceland!

I love summer.

I've been running, but have also been away from my computer for awhile. Jeanie's not going to Iceland with me so we've been enjoying a pre-vacation vacation at this place:

Ah, summertime. Isn't it great?

In other news:
I'm leaving Friday for my post-pre-vacation vacation - Iceland! I'm meeting my sister and my best friend in New York and we're going to a Yankees-Red Sox game Saturday afternoon at Yankee Stadium. Then we're jumping on a train to Boston to see the Red Sox play the Minnesota Twins on Monday night at Fenway Park. My best friend's heading home and then my sister and I are off to Iceland for the next eight days.

The ultra (55k) is on July 12. My legs are feeling very good. My main goal for the race is to get through without hurting myself. The White River 50 (mile) is only two week later. Looks like it will be a wild July. :)

I'm anticipating that my next post won't be until I'm back home in a couple of weeks. I'll try to swing by and say hi before I leave.

I hope everyone's having a wonderful summer.

Keep running!



  1. Now THAT'S a lot of Vacation. Good for you. I will be thinking of you in Iceland as I am running the Great Wall. :D Have a fantastic time and be safe and well.

  2. um, so i take it you missed the anchorage pre-pre-vacation trip? :) have a great run! iceland!!! they are one of the top 5 happiest countries- keep that in mind around the 40k mark.
    tell jeanie hi!!! poor sadie- she will be bummed she missed this run.

  3. Have a great time in Iceland, all the best for the Ultra. Look forward to lots of pics.

  4. The picture of Sandpoint, ID is quite breathtaking. I was so relaxing just by looking at it.

    I am superly jealous that you are heading to Iceland big time. I wish you all the best and good luck on your run in Iceland. I cannot wait to read all about it.

  5. Your living life big! I so want to be going to Iceland myself but that's next year.

    I've attended a Red Sox and Yankee game in Boston in 2004 two days before my first Boston Marathon. The Boston and Yankee fans really love each other!

    I like your "pre-function" vacation idea. Enjoy the game and Iceland!

  6. You mean you don't miss the snow??

    Have a great experience in Iceland.

  7. Enjoy Iceland and the ...Ultra. The vacation before the vacation is a wise decision. I suggest also the post vacation after the vacation.

  8. Fun! You guys are going to have such a good time.

  9. Go Yanks ;-)

    Have a good time homie!! You deserve the break!

  10. Wow, you sure know how to have fun! Enjoy yourself and best of luck in Iceland!

  11. Sounds great!! I am glad you are enjoying summer!

  12. You're trip to Iceland couldn't come at a better time. You get to see the Red Sox (awesome) take on the Yankees before they rip down that old stadium... and then you get to see the Red Sox (still awesome) take on my Twins!??! How jealous am I? :)

    Enjoy your vacation vacation vacation! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  13. I love Sandpoint. I'm happy to be the best friend you're meeting in Boston! Esther wishes she could come with me and meet you but has some big catering jobs. So, we will have to wait for you and Jeanie to come to Maine! Can't wait to see you!

  14. Dreams do come true...Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park, a 55K in Iceland- all with your sister, and then running another 50 miler with your Dad :)

    I just received my new red racing shoes and I'm growing my "racing" beard again. 30+ miles of single track yesterday. I can't wait for the White River 50. I'll see you on the 16th.


  15. A pre-vacation vacation? Who gets to do these things? Most of us struggle getting to go on a vacation let alone a pre-vacation vacation. Well, good for you. Rub it in.

    Seriously, have a great vacation.

  16. Sweet. A Red Sox fan. That's what I like to hear. Hope you take lots of Icelandish photos! :)

  17. Go RED SOX!!!!

    Have a great trip.

    Cheers to an awesome race Scott!

  18. Hi Scott

    Just came across your website google-ing the partisipants in the Icelandic Ultra

    Here are some photos from a run along the same route last year three weeks after the race.

    Have a nice trip to Iceland