24 February 2008

Winter Melting Away

The trails are still snow-covered. But if I looked hard enough - and I was straining my eyes looking so hard - I was able to catch a few glimpses of dirt. Yes, the trails are fighting their way out.

"Be free!" I cry, "Be free!"

There is too much snow to run, though. Eh, it's probably for the best since I'm still "resting" my knee. The hiking was great and there were just enough runnable spots for me to test whether or not I still remember how to run on a trail. Sadie looked like she was on speed she was so excited to be back on the trails. She might not get rid of me after all.

About ten miles north of Pullman is Kamiak Butte Park. A stroll to the top of the butte offer some of the best views of the Palouse. I admit, when we moved from Houston to the Palouse five years ago (five years!!) we were, to say the least, way out of our comfort zone. But it grew on us. It took a few years, for sure, but it finally grew on us. Now I love it.

The rolling wheat fields are mesmerizing. Everyday they're something different. Some days, if you're lucky enough, as the pups and I were yesterday, you get to see the Palouse looking like this:

The Palouse - looking south
from Kamiak Butte
(like my new camera?)

I can almost taste spring. I can't wait. Seriously, I can't. Another snow storm will end it for me. No more snow. No more snow. No more snow.

Keep running!



  1. I hear you buddy. I'm so over winter and I don't have snow.

  2. The head fell off our snowman today. I take that as a good sign! :D

  3. Howdy from COLORADO. Wather was nice this weekend I did two events. sat a 10 mile run my first ever and then today a stair climb event for the Colorado Lung Assoc. If you get a chance you can see info on my blog. Spring is starting here in CO little by little. cant wait in a few weeks I will be back in ORE my home town area. I h ave a 5K event that I found out about. I want to ROCK it and get a great time. My first run at sea level. Maybe I can place in may age group :P:

  4. Add me to the list. Maybe I just need to move LOL

    Thanks for the update on Grandma :-) Let her know her candy panties are in the mail. Who knows, she might even get lucky and maybe the mailman will volunteer to take a couple bites off LOL

  5. Great pics! Yea, I do like the camera! Spring is coming. Nothing can stop it now. Just a question of when?

  6. I hear that! Go away winter!

    P.S. I like the new banner!

  7. I LOVE that picture. You should enter it into a photography contest or something. Or MSN's picture of the week.

  8. Gorgeous pics. The snow is starting to melt here, so the 3 foot snow piles on the side of the road are starting to look might dirty! I like. I like it a lot!

  9. Wow! That is one awesome picture!

    Guess what? Our son is making the transfer from PLU to WSU next fall. You might see Eric and I in town a couple of times. Cool, huh?

  10. Scott,
    Hey do you have a spare room at your place for our son? He's quiet but can't keep his room clean.

    So what kind of camera did you get? Nice shot of the Palouse. It looks like an ocean.

    Click on my blogger buddy Shawn's link. She just completed a 100 mile run up in Alaska. One tough woman!

    Trail Scat

  11. That last pic is great. I love when the sun shines down like that.

  12. BTW, cool new layout. I like.

  13. I feel the same darn way. Anymore snow and I think I will just barricade myself in my room until it hits at least the 50s :X

  14. Well, despite the fact that you're sick of the snow -- the scenery really is beautiful!

  15. I am about to go out and lay by the pool but I hear about that snow stuff that they have other places.