20 July 2015

High Uintas Wilderness

It's been three weeks of almost complete rest (a couple shorts hikes here and there) since the West Highland Way Race and all systems seem to be a go. I've come back too soon after previous one hundred mile efforts and ended up hurting myself, so this time I wanted to take extra care not to push things too soon.

I'd been itching to get into the High Unitas since moving to Utah last August. I've especially wanted to check out the Highline Trail. Sadie cut her paw a couple days before, so she didn't get to join me on my first Highline and High Uinta experience. I borrowed a route from an experienced Uinta explorer that was listed as about 21 miles long knowing that I could make it an out-n-back if my legs simply weren't up to it. 95% of this route is over 10,000ft.

Here are some photos from the route.

Scudder Lake

The Uintas are famous things other
than buttery-smooth trails.

Climbing toward Rocky Sea Pass

Almost to Rocky Sea Pass

Looking east from Rocky Sea Pass

Jean Lake and Dean Lake

Governer Dern Lake

Horses plus rain

I can't wait to check out more of the High Uintas. I don't have anything on the race calendar for the rest of the year. My plan was to wait until after Scotland to make sure I wasn't injured before I signed up for anything else. I have my eyes on a couple upcoming races, but I may just use my weekends for exploring some more of the wilderness.

Keep running!



  1. Wow, it is really beautiful! I'm glad your recovery is going so well! I hope Sadie's paw gets feeling better soon. :(

    1. Sadie's paw is better now. But she isn't running much because it's been too hot for her.

    2. Glad her paw is better. Are the summers in Utah a lot hotter than Washington? I remember some really, surprisingly, hot summers when I was in Utah.

    3. Yes, it is quite a bit hotter here than in Pullman during the summers. But it makes for a great excuse to get high in the mountains where it's cooler. :)

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