31 July 2012

5 Weeks Off

I took five weeks off - no running at all - to let the torn muscle in my calf heal. It's doing much better now, and I've been back on the trails with Sadie the past few days. I wouldn't say it's quite 100%, but it's close enough that I feel comfortable and confident enough to start easing back into running again.

My summer plans have changed because of the injury. I skipped the White River 50 this past weekend, and I don't plan on racing at the Transcendence 12-hr in a couple weekends like I originally hoped I'd be doing - though I'll probably run around the course for a few hours just to work off some of the rust.

I'm hoping to be back in top shape for some October races. I'm registered for the Chicago Marathon on October 7th, but may now be unable to make the trip because of a conflicting event that weekend. If I can't make Chicago, then the Mt. Spokane 50k would take its place.

I'm very excited to be on the trails again, and so is Sadie. Here's a short video of our first run back:

Keep running!



  1. Glad to hear you and Sadie are back...maybe I'll see you at MMM or Mt.Spokane.

  2. Welcome back. I can't image 5 weeks without running. Glad to hear you're almost 100%.

  3. Sorry you were out of the game so long. It must feel fantastic to be back!

  4. Glad to hear things are healing up and you're feeling better. Sadie must be so happy to have you back!!

  5. So glad you are back and taking it carefully! Sadie must be so happy too!

  6. Welcome back! In 5 more weeks, it may seem like just a spot on the radar screen.