12 May 2011

Bloomsday 2011

This year was the 35th anniversary of the famous Bloomsday 12k.  This is such a fun event - and huge. There were over 50,000 finishers (again). 

If you're living in the Northwest and you haven't run it yet...why?!?  If you don't live in the Northwest, you should think about making a trip to run it at least once.

This was my third year running it, and I had an absolute blast again. Live music over the entire course, great weather, funny costumes, and so many smiling runners.  Somehow, even though I'm still on an absolute high from the Atacama Crossing and the Boston Marathon, running Bloomsday had a way of lifting my running spirits just a little higher.

I had a good run on the challenging course and beat my time from last year by over a minute (results page).  

Gathering at the start. (spokesman.com)

Not the flattest course in the world.

Love my Racer ST 5's.

I have a marathon this weekend on a supposedly fast course. If the weather cooperates, then I'm going to set my sights on a sub-3:10:59 finish just in case I can make another trip back east next spring.  :)

Keep running!



  1. Loved Bloomsday this year! Hopefully my time this year will at least get me into yellow :)

    Good luck this weekend.

  2. Good Luck at Windermere. Make sure they have the finish line right this year!!

  3. Congrats for beating your last year time.
    Indeed I don't like to enter the crowded races.
    Good luck on the marathon.

  4. good luck!! and holy elevation, that course looks like a nightmare.

  5. that is one heck of a crowd of runners! Not my cup of tea but amazing nonetheless.

  6. Looked like fun! Great race.

  7. well... marathon results please.........