08 November 2010

Running with Trees

It's dark when I get off work now (and it will be for a few months), so weekend runs under the cold, dull sun will be more of an extra little treat than usual.

Winter keeps knocking, but so far it hasn't stepped through the door completely.  The mountain trails are still clear of snow, and the flora are in their final, most colorful stages of the season.

With no events lined up for this past weekend, Sadie and I headed for the hills.  I've had a fun year racing and participating in a lot of events (and I'll probably add a few more races before the year's out), but it's always so nice to get out on the trails with just me and Sadie and the trees.

Near trailhead at bottom of Moscow Mt.

Gold evergreens

This is a LOT of non-snow for November.
No complaints. :)

Keep running!



  1. Glad no snow has hit yet. I'm interested how you'll handle training for a 250k race in the desert while you are living (and running) in Pullman's slush and snow. I read that some people train for desert runs on a treadmill with the dryer vent blowing on them. Others just spend a lot of time in saunas.

    P.S. Nice pics.

  2. I might just run with a dryer on my back and the vent blowing in my face the entire time. May be tricky when it gets icy, but it will be good training for sure.

  3. We've had a pretty good fall here too. If I am lucky, it will be above freezing for THursday evening's 5k! I hope!

    Great pictures!

  4. Thanks for sharing all of the great pictures - my grandma lives in Lewiston & I remember well the rolling countryside. Glad you had a great run - I am still waiting for one post-half.

  5. Very nice. Hope the snow holds off for you for awhile. But there is nothing better than running in snow...if it's not too deep.
    It's snowing in northern utah today.

  6. When we get snow and ice, I wish I had four legs like Sadie and Tess.
    4 wheel drive is great for getting traction down in the snow and slippy ice!

  7. What are snow and ice?
    Beautiful pictures. Please say "HI" to Sadie for me.

  8. the cold weather isn't in full force here, either. making me nervous that it's going to show up in a week and half on race day.

  9. purrty! Enjoy it while you can! There's laurels to be won in some desert some place :-)

  10. Great pictures! Better with the non-snow I would say. Not much fun running in the slush.