11 August 2010

Run Across Idaho (a preview)

I'm attempting to run across the state of Idaho on Aug. 28th.  From Montana to Washington.  In one day.  (Sure, I'll be attempting to run across the skinny bit of Idaho, but it still makes for a fun challenge.)

The route is 93 miles long (map).  Most of it will be on the paved Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes, a non-motorized path used mostly by bikers that crosses 70+ miles of North Idaho.  It's very flat and generally follows rivers and lakes.  I haven't been on this path before, but I hear it's beautiful.

I've never run this far, so I'm expecting it to be a serious challenge.  The flatness and pavement might prove to be as challenging as the distance.  Should be a blast!

In other news, Sadie and I took the weekend to travel up to the St. Joe National Forest in North Idaho.  We spent a few days trail running and sleeping in the back of my car.  It was wonderful.  The beauty of the part of the country is one of the reasons why I'm attempting the run on Aug. 28th.  Here are a few photos from the weekend:

St. Joe National Forest

This trail dropped into the valley, then climbed back up to the ridge on the other side.

Sun comping up over the mountains

Northbound Lake

High ridge trail

Heart Lake

Larkins Lake

Little North Fork Clearwater River

Keep running!



  1. so this is sumfin you're just going to go do? k! you have fun :-)

  2. i'm definitely a texas girl but i must ask you will never be back south with these kinds of places to run and explore in huh (and i don't blame you)!?!?! i will ask again in the winter... ;)

  3. These photos are amazing! 92 miles?! Woah! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  4. Looking forward to the report and the photos that you come up with from this journey. All the best!

  5. the upcoming run sounds great!! is sadie running, too?? can't wait to hear how you do!

  6. Wes - I bonked my head hard yesterday just before I came up with this great idea.

    Lisa - Yes, ask again come winter. That's when I miss Texas the most. :)

    Denise - Sadie will run a bunch of it with me. I have a friend who will be crewing for me and meeting me at several places along the way, so I'm sure at some point Sadie will have to take a long break. She's run 40 miles with me before, so if she's feeling up to it I might see if she can set a new distance PR.

  7. I loved the photos, especially the high mountain trails. I can't believe you came back down to run 92 miles of flat low lander trails...

    Good luck. It does sound fun.

  8. wow -- you are amazing!!! just found your blog. so inspired!!

  9. Those views are amazing, but I bet the mountains are tough on your legs!

    Look forward to reading about the run across Idaho... you are nuts... Good luck! :-)

  10. This is very exciting. I was looking at a map of the USA this morning to see where my blog friends and followers are. I’m in South Africa so I don’t know the USA that well. I’m looking for a good map where I can add the names of people to see who is doing what where. Good luck with your final preparations. I love challenges like this. Those pictures are beautiful.

  11. What an awesome challenge! Good luck!!

  12. Omgosh?!? That Is sooooooo awesome.
    I can't wait to hear all about it!!


  13. Good luck on the big challenge, but I am sure you will do it. No Sadie's pics today?

  14. What an awesome adventure.
    Love the pics. Be sure to take lots of pics of your Run Across Idaho. Wow!

  15. Gorgeous pictures!
    This run is a challenging one for a single day! It takes 30 minutes to cross that part of Idaho by car. I wish you good luck.