12 April 2010

Whidbey Island Marathon

I skipped my 5k Friday night.  I was planning a 25-30 mile training run over the weekend in preparation for my 50k next week, so I thought it might be more fun and make more sense to run a marathon instead.  (I'm not very good at tapering.)

Thursday night I started looking for marathons in the area.  And since there were no marathons near me, I started looking for any marathons within driving distance.  And since "within driving distance" is relative for a last minute weekend trip, I figured the Whidbey Island Marathon (400 miles away) was the perfect choice - so I signed up and packed my bags.  I had never been to any of the islands in the Puget Sound, so I was excited.

I had only a few goals for the race:
1. Take some good photos.
2. Listen to my body - not my watch or Garmin. (I left my watch and Garmin at the hotel.)
3. Test out a new pair of shoes.
4. Don't hurt myself.
5. See a whale.

It was cold at the start, but the spectacular scenery was worth the pre-race shivers.  I didn't know much about the course, but the elevation chart on the website gave me a heads-up that there might be a hill or two.

It was also nice to see Eric and Michelle at the start.  They're on my short list of running heroes.

Deception Pass - near start line

Part of my pre-race ritual is interpretive dance,
though it's gennerally not interpreted as dance.
(Really, I'm graceful.)

Chatting with Michelle

Start of the race

Skagit Bay

View from the course

This is the last section of a climb
that lasted about 2 miles

The lei is from around mile 4 

Oak Harbor

Crossing the finish line.
I had fans I didn't even know existed.

Sadie's still mad that she didn't get to run

The race went well.  Other than a few minutes around mile 12 when I thought I had bonked, I felt good most of the way.  I think I accomplished what I set out to accomplish.

1. Take some good photos?
2. Listen to my body, not my watch or Garmin?
3. Test out a new pair of shoes?
4. Don't hurt myself?
5. See a whale?
bald eagle?

I even pulled a 15-minute PR out of it with a time of 3:34:00 (results).  Maybe one of these days I'll find a flat course and see how fast I can run a marathon.  Yeah, it would be nice to have a marathon excuse for a Boston trip...

Keep running!



  1. Another great adventure! I loved the write-up and photos, as usual. Your new racing duds are real pretty:)Good luck with your 50K next week. Wish I could be there. And these Wasatch mountain trails are thawing out and waiting for you and Sadie!!

  2. It was so awesome seeing you cross the finish line with a smile! Congrats on your successes...

    - One of your fans

  3. Nice job, Scott! You sure know how to taper!

  4. great job! I was going to due the tacoma half marathon that is May 2 but I just do not have the base built back up yet. I amthinking of doing the tacoma/narros bridge half in Aug. Might actually seem like SPring ovver here this week.

  5. Chicago is flat....like super flat, there are two "hills," right at the end, one is actually a bridge. It's a fast course.

  6. Man, I lost your blog from like forever ago and just now found it! Woot, go Scott. You are a rock star of a runner! Go you!

  7. LOL... 400 miles for a weekend training race? Dude! That's just crazy actin :-) Love it!! Oh, and Sadie sez next time pick a dog friendly marathon!!

  8. awesome, love Whidbey Island. It's a great place to cycle too...

  9. Congratulations! Awesome adventure and I love the pics!

  10. Nice going! WOW! most of us plan for months in advance for our marathons and you go PR on the spur of the moment :]
    Tess knows how sadie felt :{

  11. It was a nice surprise seeing you there Scott. I loved the course, though that last out and back seemed like it lasted forever! Congrats on a great time! Long drive back, huh?

  12. Good to see you still have your legs! I haven't used mine in a few months. Job change...long commute...all things factor into the mix but...alas, I have hope that I'll be back on the road soon. Thanks for stopping by the old blog. I will make a comeback.


  13. Very cool that you could just go bust out a marathon on a whim. Nice time too!

  14. Another ... success. I like the USA USA picture (and the others of course)

  15. You're awesome. I want to qualify for Boston. Will you be my coach?

  16. holy cow! 3:34!!! STUD!! looks like a gorgeous place to run. congrats!!

  17. Looks like a great race - I love Whidbey Island. You must do Boston - we went last weekend for my Scott to run & it was amazing!!! Flat & fast? Myrtle Beach & Snickers are both.