10 January 2010

Dear 2010

Dear 2010,

I trust this letter finds you well.

I know you don't reply to fan mail (I'm a big fan already). I know you don't answer prayers. But a friend told me you do, on occasion, take requests.

Please help me keep my feet moving for another year. 2009 was tough. But I walked through the finish line even when I wanted to stop and sit down. Give me the same strength this year.

Please look after Dad. His heart is so strong that it sometimes wants to burst out of its seams. If you hold any sway with your successors, tell them to keep him around for fifty more years.

Please help me remember to tell my family I love them any chance I can.

Please keep Sadie young and strong. She's stuck by my side - through rivers and mud, over mountains and snow.

Please let memories fuel my excitement for the future.

Please help get the Houston Astros some starting pitching.

Please don't change anything about chocolate chip cookies. They're perfect the way they are.

Please allow my running to take me to places I've never been before and to see things I've never imagined before. New trails. New vistas. New towns and roads and cloud formations. Let me see a sunrise and sunset in the same day. Let me smell the air of foreign country. Let my face feel sun and rain and ice and fog and wind and dirt. Let my legs ache on a climb and whistle on a straightaway.

I hope that's not too much to ask for.



P.S. I'm serious about the chocolate chip cookies. Don't change a thing.


  1. Cute. LOL about the chocolate chip cookies. Hope you have an awesome 2010!

  2. Thanks. And may your 2010 be evrything you hope for and more. Dad

  3. Great post! chocolate chip cookies....mmm

  4. This letter sounds like a beautiful and heartfelt prayer. I especially like the part about telling your family that you love them and the line, "Please let memories fuel my excitement for the future." It tells me that life has given you good people and fond memories, and I am confident that this year (and each year after) will get better and better.

    One note about Sadie - she has definitely been by your side when people have let you down. I, too, hope that she stays strong; she can't stay young forever (none of us can), but that just means that we have to make the best of our time left on this earth. And I think you do that for Sadie. She is a happy, healthy dog with an awesome friend in you.

    I hope your requests are answered in all the ways you desire.

  5. I read something last night that I thought might interest you as a man who wants to live, wants to be remembered, and wants to blog.

    "People make history when they scale a mountain, ignite a bomb, or refuse to move to the back of a bus. But they also make history by keeping diaries, writing letters, or embroidering initials on linen sheets. History is a conversation and sometimes a shouting match between present and past, though often the voices we most want to hear are barely audible. People make history by passing on gossip, saving old records, and by naming rivers, mountains, and children. Some people leave only their bones, though bones too make history when someone notices."
    - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

    Scott, you can be confident that you will be remembered and that you will make history through so many things you do and will do. Just thought this thought is a good one to remember as you approach a new year.

  6. I hope you can realize your requests in 2010. Keep movin'.

  7. Beautifully written Scott, may all those dreams come true.

  8. I loved this Scott! I too hope 2010 is better than 2009 was. Looking forward to seeing you and Sadie soon.

  9. Dear 2011, better watch your back. We're coming for you next year.

  10. may all your wishes come true!

  11. hey scott - so beautiful!! stay strong, friend!

  12. I love this. Can't wait to see you in 18 days!

  13. I will never forget to read your blog again! Your posts make me smile:) Amen...Astros need help!