15 December 2009

Off Season

Blowing snow and sub-zero temperatures and an empty race calendar. Easy miles the past couple weeks. Just nice and easy miles.

My brother is getting married in Houston in February. The Austin Marathon is the next day. We're going to try to make it a family affair.

December and January aren't my favorite training months. I don't think it's just the snow (though it does make it harder to put in long miles) - I think it is the low temperatures. I'm convinced that my left knee is allergic to anything below 20 degrees. So I'm expecting some tough miles for the next couple of months. And some photos, too.

Keep running!



  1. I don't like running in the cold either. Good luck with all that. I'm excited to see pictures of the pretty snow up there.

  2. Sounds like a great idea, doing a marathon the same weekend as your bro's wedding!

  3. Austin is a GREAT race and the weather should be nice. Winter running is my favorite, but our winter is MUCH different than yours. I wouldn't like the snow much when trying to train.

  4. curious scott, what is a nice and easy run for you?

  5. What did you think of Bend ORE that is great town. OH and Crater Lake that is a awesome place, they have I think a run up there in the summer time. I am orig from Grants Pass ore so know of Crater Lake and been in Bend ore before too. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I am doing well in my new hoome here in WA state working on getting a few extra pounds off that came on during the last 4-5 months. Weather not bad here I am used to running in snow so now I am running in rain LOL it is not to bad. WHen we had some cold temps here a week or two ago it seemed really cold

  6. we are even getting snow over here, i thank Tess for getting me out the house and heading for the sand dunes, whatever the weather she always has a big smile on her face and more energy than i will ever have :]
    Happy Christmas and a healthy new year to you and sadie,.