26 October 2009

Sadie and Her Moose Friends - More Beautiful Fall Running

We ran into Momma Moose and Baby Moose for the fourth time in the past 12 months. Momma Moose must be getting use to us because she wasn't as nervous as she's been before. In fact, it looks like her and Sadie must have come to an understanding. They're Best Friends Forever now. Check out the video:

It's been cold and wet and windy, but we've been hitting the trails like crazy. The changing colors and falling leaves mean snow is on the way, and snow means no trail running for a few months. Hopefully the trails will be clear enough to run for another month. Yesterday near the top of Moscow Mt. there was midday frost on parts of the trails.

"Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower."
-Albert Camus

Trail running at its best

Sadie in a Moscow Mt. meadow

Fallen leaves

Autumn path

Sadie under the setting sun

Keep running!



  1. What beautiful pictures! Definitely looks like some great running scenery!

  2. That's a cool video! And beautiful photos as always. I hope you have plenty of trail runs left.

  3. I think they were having a stare down.... :-)

  4. Them moose are crazy looking beasties.
    'AWESOME' PHOTO'S you run in a beautiful place!

  5. Wow - simply breathtaking! I love the video and also the sunset picture. Its like having the whole world to yourself.