29 September 2009

So I Run

The earth is turning brown and I'm turning white and the blue sky is old and no longer easily impressed. So I run.

The wind is getting cold and I'm getting older and everyone is getting older, too. New shoes, new shorts, worn trails, same changing seasons. Same changing seasons.

So I run.

It's a lonely car at 5:30 in the morning. After a long summer, even the sun is too tired to get up this early anymore. Sadie's head hangs out the window and I bundle up with an extra sweatshirt. There are lonely dirt roads at 5:53 in the morning.

The mountain is green from a distance but up close it's orange and yellow and red. Up close I am dark under the pine canopy. Up close my skin is creased and brown. Up close my fingers look no different than my grandfather's. So I run.

The earth turns brown and there is no one to impress. The seasons won't stop and the sun won't stop and the sky won't stop and the earth won't stop, so now I will run.


  1. You should be a writer when you grow up.

  2. Thanks. I was looking for the words that described my run today. We had our first winter storm and I was tempted not to run. But I did. And so thankful I did. Your words are mine. So I run...Dad

  3. Very poetic. Thanks for the great read.

  4. Autumn is a time for reflecting, on past glory, on things we did and things we should have done!
    When we were young a Summer lasted for ever! Now its passes in the twinkle of an eye!
    Soon it will be Winter when nature sleeps waiting to be reborn in the first light of spring!
    Everything moves in circles, the earth the moon and even are own lives.